Driving into or through Tribal Land Beware.

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  1. rifleshooter474

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    Don't know if this item has been discussed before, but the laws differ for having a loaded firearm on Tribal land then many State laws.
    Even if your State allows CCW permit holders to carry their firearms loaded, the Tribal land has their own laws, and most do not allow a firearm to be loaded in your vehicle while on Tribal land.
    I know of in New Mexico tribal Officers stopping many for speeding on Tribal land and finding a loaded firearm on a CCW permit holder and confiscating their firearm or firearms.
    Just something to remember if your entering Tribal land.;)
  2. PanBaccha

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    Thanks for the warning!

  3. Rick1967

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    When I was traveling through Arizona a few years ago I stayed the night on a reservation. I called the Tribal Police office. I don't remember what the proper name for the police station was. I spoke with the officer on duty. I told him that I was a permit holder. I asked him if he needed me to check in or put my weapon away. He said thanks for asking and all was fine as long as I had my permit. He never mentioned anything about loaded vs unloaded. He was very professional.
  4. c3shooter

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    When you enter a Federally chartered Reservation, in effect, you have just left the US. They are a sovereign nation, and have their own laws- which, in general, are not unreasonable- but you should remember you are a guest in THEIR house.
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    Considering this all USE to be THEIR house. I must admit, the Navajo and Hopi Reserves in Arizona are absolutely amazing.
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    Some federal regulated areas still do not allow for concealed carry (post offices, military bases/stations, landmarks, etc...)

    Know the rules. And be safe.
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    To be honest I have not given much thought to carrying on Tribal lands here in Az. I do not stop on any of them if I can help it. I will have to look in to the carry laws here for Tribal lands. To go to most of the larger citys I have to pass through reservation and when I do stop I leave my weapon in my truck with my wife.