Dreyse 6.35mm firing pin

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  1. Anafear

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    Hello all, might there be someone to help me wit a missing part for my friends gun?

    I need a firing pin to a Dreyse 6.35mm Model 1907 pocket pistol, which was based on the 1906 Browning pattern.


    I am hoping that some one here might have a blueprint on this, with measurements, or even own one and can take some measurements for me.
    Making a new one will be no problem considering my friend works in a metal workshop.

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  2. Anafear

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    I'm sorry to say that's the wrong gun. There is a big difference between the construction of the "1907" and the "1907 pocket".

    Thanks for the effort tho.

    Looking around I found they did have the correct items also, but out of stock.

    Still looking for measurements.
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    I've gotta say this, with the exception of the funky barrel attachment method, and safety placement (patent evasions?), the firing pin being shown looks so similar to the Bauer .25 clones of the Browning pistol I would get one of those more common pins and just see how close it fits. Doing so will give you a yardstick from which any decent machine shop can make you a replacement. BTW, I wouldn't be too shocked if a Browning striker pin didn't precisely fit.