Drew blood this morning!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dragunovsks, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Drew blood this morning with my New England Protector 12 gauge, but couldn't find the deer. I was on the way back to the house, it had been raining all morning and I was done. I was walking up a pretty steep hill when I heard something in the brush ahead of me. I looked up and about 100 yards ahead of me I could see a doe, at the crest of the hill. I continued to climb the hill cause there were thick bushes and trees between us and wasn't sure I could hit her through the thick stuff. I crepted up to within 50 yards with my shotgun shouldered and in the low ready position. When she saw me, I had a clean straight on shot, so aimed for her hydraulics and squeezed the trigger. I know I hit her because I knocked her on her a#% and then she ran off. When I got to the position where she was when I fired I looked up and saw Maury, a friend of my father in laws. He comfirmed the hit and said she jumped the fence and ran onto the neighbors property. He was high enough in the stand to see her in the field with her head and ears down, said she looked like she was grazing but knew she wasn't because she had just been shot. He said it looked like she was spitting up blood, I continued back to the house to get my father in law because he has permission to cross the fence and I don't. We looked all over that field but couldn't find any sign of her, no blood trail, but it was still raining.

    I'm gonna try again tomorrow.
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    Man, that SUCKS! I hope you find your kill! Normally, shotgun slugs drop them in their tracks...