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  1. AusLach

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    If money was no object, where are the top three places on Earth that you would like to hunt, what game would you be after, what rifle/handgun/calibre would you use and why. Mine would be:

    1. To go back to Africa and shoot a Zebra. The last time I was there I didn't have enough money, but if I were to go again I'd use a CZ Safari Lux in .300 H&H to stalk in close on foot and take one of these magificent animals. I'd either shoulder mount it or cape it and turn it into a rug and I'd use the CZ and calibre combination becuse of the heritage it has in the Dark Continent and because of the rifle's renowned reliability.

    2. Travel to the Top End of Australia to hunt water buffalo and boars. I'd carry the Ruger M77 Hawkeye in .338 Federal. This calibre has proven adequate on both pigs an buff and the Ruger is a classic design with a reliable mechanism; there's no room for stuff-ups with either of these animals! I think every Australian hunter wants to have a go at a buff in their lifetime, and as for the pigs, as a country boy I know how much damage they can do and every one shot is one that won't be ruining the land.

    3. I'd spend every afternoon patrolling my favourite bunny patch with Grandpa's old side-by-side Remington 12 gauge. There's only a small amount of things more enjoyable to me than spending a quiet afternoon in the sun strolling around the hill thinning out the local rabbit population.
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  2. jeepcreep927

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    As simple as it sounds, I would absolutely LOVE to go on a prairie dog shoot. A heavy barrel bolt action .220 Swift, as many rounds as I could get and I would stay there forever.

    I looked into a "guide" service last year and they wanted three thousand dollars for four days. I had no idea it would be that much. I was hoping I could find someone to let me sleep in their barn for a week show me where the critters were and I'd help with chores and what not in return.

    If any of you p-dog state guys are reading this PM me... :eek:

  3. Redarrow18

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    I'd like to be somewhere in the mountains/forest, during like the fall, not any snow yet but its chilly out, with a 30-06 remington 700 XCR II, and shoot from at least 500 yards out, i would love to able to have a challenging long shot
  4. Josey Wales '94

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    1. Alaska, multi-hunt, .338 WM/ .45-70
    2. Some central U.S. state with wide open Prairie Dog, rabbit, what not, with an Remington R-15 in .204 Ruger.
    3. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel, Mule deer
  5. freefall

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    If I had the money I would go to Tanzania and hunt Cape Buffalo with a double .450 Nitro. More realistically I'd like to come up with $3 grand to fly out with my daughter and hunt caribou.
  6. tomrich

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    really just walking down at the ranch with my dad shooting armadillos like we did when we were little kids, hunts are about the company and memories if you ask me, but a zebra or buffalo doesnt ever hurt :)
  7. joshfireart

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    while were dreaming have my dad back for one moor hunt any thing he wanted to hunt.
  8. Walley

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    I live my dream hunt every fall. Out alone with a brace of good dogs hunting pheasants. Watching the dogs work is 90% of the pleasure in a hunt like that especially if you trained the dogs yourself. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a dog on point and anticipating the shot they provided you. Nothing else even comes close.
  9. MHTConline

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    Easy. Kansas, Kansas, Kansas. Quail & Pheasant. 20 Gauge Pump Action Browning.

    + 2 good English setters
  10. orangello

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    #1 baby seal hunt on northern Canada coast, aluminum baseball bat & eye protection.

    #2 Grizzlies at Yellowstone, jeep-mounted ma deuce/.50 caliber full auto.

    #3 Illegals, anywhere on the Southern U.S. border, any bolt-action in .17 HMR.

  11. Silvertip 44

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    Going on my dream hunt in October this year in Montana for elk and mule deer. I've never been there and will have just as much fun looking at the scenery as the actual hunt. We are going to leave early and take a scenic drive up and through South Dakota and then west over to Bozeman. The return trip will be down through Wyoming and Colorado and then back to Georgia and some fabulous whitetail hunting.