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    I have recently gotten my cwp and have been practicing my drawing and acquiring targets. When drawing my xd9 subcompact from my crossbreed and galco stow and go I find myself putting my thumb on the rear sights to draw (as it seems way more comfortable). I know I'm supposed to get a full finger grip but it seems I don't have enough room for my thumb. Any tips and or ways to practice? Thank y'all in advance for the great info!


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    Where are you carrying it on your waistline?

    While I'm not the best at putting details in writing I will do my best on how I draw if both hands are available from a cover garment. Please note I am not an instructor. However I consider myself a very good student and after attending a several defensive firearm schools this is what works for me regardless if I am stagnant or on the move. Others will have different techniques and procedures. This is what works for me.....

    When drawing from concealment at the 2:30 position I first clear the garment with my reaction hand. As my garment is almost clear my dominant elbow starts to go straight back and "pull" my hand to the grip. As my dominant hand is traveling back to the grip of the gun my thumb is aggressively tracing on the side of my stomach. As soon as the web between my thumb and pointer finger clear the slide of the firearm, I drive the hand down onto the grip to get a good positive purchase (and to get as high of a grip as possible).

    When practicing think craw-walk-run. Take things slow for a while. Make the right movements and be efficient. No wasted motion. As you become efficient start to push yourself a little bit. Move faster. If you make a mistake slow down a little bit until it is clean again. Then proceed to pick up a little bit again and so on.

    Just as a side note I do not like sweat guards such as the one you have on your CB. They serve little purpose to me and just get in the way. Again, that's just my opinion.

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    Typically I carry around 4:00, however I have been flirting with the idea of appendix carry as it seems a little easier to get to. I also and not sure if I like that extra leather on the crossbreed- I may end up doing some carving
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    From what I am seeing you may have the holster set too low. While it's desirable for concealment, your belt is pulling the firearm too close to the body, and letting your hip push out the barrel. Move it up a hole or two and see if that helps. I know this will mess up the cant angle you want, but it might work for you.

    If my suggestion doesn't work it's not the end of the world. Just practice with what you have in slow motion and get your muscle memory built up for the way you do it. I never wrap my thumb around the grip until the gun is almost out of the holster. My thumb is what moves my clothing out of the way, and for what I wear it works very well.

    By the way, you need to decide which holster you want to wear and throw the other one in the holster box. The cant is different on each of them, and this will hinder muscle memory development.
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    I also carry an xd9 subcompact i had the same problem until i started carrying the extended 16 shot mag and added a pachmayer grip glove this allows me to get a more comfortable grip on the pistol without much added weight. The slightly long mag does limit some forms of carry but should work just fine with the 2 holsters you showed
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    What I teach is 'As fast as you can, as slow as you have to'.
    I other words take your time and get the proper 'safe form' down and speed will follow!;)