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    I've started buying acessories to use for my long range target rifle build. One item that has come to my attention as a necessity is a Drag Bag/shooting mat that will hold the rifle and has pouches for things like ammo, bi-pod, basic field tools, water, notes, PDA, etc...

    All the 1000 yard shooting is done in the prone position here. Have three 30 minute sessions to get 20 rounds down range at each session for a total of 60 rounds per match and of course the practice time. Rifle, ammo, mat, tools, and acessories must be carried by shooter alone to his / her position.

    Laying in the dirt for extended periods of time can be unpleasant. (Mud, rocks, weeds, etc...)

    I've been looking at the McMillan brand (part # A-8 drag bags) which cost around $250.00 and the S.O. Tech drag bag/shooting mat system (Product Code # SDBSM) which cost around $500.00.

    Four features the S.O. Tech darg bag has that I really like are the roll out muzzle blast dust kick up guard, the fold out mat extension that covers to the knees, the rubber grip material on mat area to stabalize elbow placement, and it's skid plated design.

    The McMillan drag bag / mat doesn't have these features, however, it seems to be a good product and for less money.

    So the question is: Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands to look at for the features that I want as in the S.O. Tech bag/mat ?
  2. matt g

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    You could get a hard case and foam camping pad for less than that. The hard case would protect your rifle better and the foam camping pad could be tossed when it got torn up.

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    I agree with Matt on this one. Dragging a precision rifle in a bag or case is en route to an operation is not paramount to making that single important shot connect. I would invest in a hard case, Storm or Pelican, and a good sleeping mat.
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    x 3 for this one; a good hard case that you can cut out to fit is the way to go. Drags are a waste of money unless you are a true pro. And those are issued anyway.