Draco AK-47 Pistol, Cal. 7.62x39mm

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    Shark Coast:

    I got a limited amount of Dracos in stock.


    For security or personal defense, this rifle-cal. pistol packs the right punch, accuracy and concealability. The Draco is inexpensive, reliable, intimidating in appearance and capable of handling 5 round range magazines and up to and including a 100 round drum. This AK platform pistol will accept any standard AK mag. or drum. Has a chrome lined barrel. Comes with two 30 rd. mags. Barrel: 12.25" Overall: 21.5", Weight: 5.5 lbs. Condition: New. Not available for sale in NJ, CA, CT, HI or where prohibited by law. As seen in Harris Publications Tactical Weapons issue March 2011:

    Get them while you can. Online orders only.