DPMS varmit upper

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bobbyb13, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. bobbyb13

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    I have always enjoyed ground pig hunting, Always used a 22-250 Remy. So, I ordered (with the 8 week wait) a DPMS 24' fluted upper in 223, and installed a Jard trigger in one of my lowers. Anyone use the DPMS upper. Expected accuracy? Comments Pro or Con appreciated. I know there will be some local comments about a SUR being used on whistle pigs.
  2. crockett007

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    I have the DPMS Lo Pro Classic, 16" no flutes with a Timney Trigger Group. Straight 4 power optic. Zero @ 100 with Rem .223 45 gr hollow points. Best group is 3/4 inch @ 100 yds from a rest. I have shot a few Hornady V-max and quite a bit of Silver Bear 55 gr. loads as well. The rifle likes everything I feed it.

    This rifle is awesome. We have feral hogs running amok here in Alabama. So far, the DPMS is stacking them up like cordwood. Function has been flawless. I know there are some DPMS "haters" out there, but I have nothing negative to report. Thumbs up!