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  1. kiabe1

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    Im new to upgrading ARs and i have a dpms carbine that i was thinking of pulling out the internal parts and upgrading. Will that make it a better quality gun? Really what im asking is what will it do for me and are there brands you suggest i should look into
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    this is strictly my opinion. unless it's broke, why mess with it. the only area i could see that would be of any benefits would be the trigger componensts if looking for a lighter trigger pull weight of smoother trigger pull or maybe going to a two stage trigger.

    my Bushmaster has all the factory parts in the lower and until something breaks or wears out, i see no reason to change them.

    this is just my opinion and others may have other suggestions.

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    Is the rifle having any problems at the present time. The old saying if it aint broke don't fix it comes to mind!
    DPS is not known for being one of the highest quality rifles but on the other hand, if the rifle is functioning properly and reliably they is no need to change out parts due to the fact there would be no advantage or improvement. I always say no matter what the name is on the Receiver. If it is reliable and functional with no issues "It is a D---- good Black gun! Some of the parts come from the same place as some of the other manufacturers. Like the Bolt Carrier Group and other parts. A good 2 stage trigger or other trigger with KNS Anti-Rotating Trigger and Hammer Pins will even improve the best trigger!

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    The rifle works fine and if buying a new set wont do anything i'll hold off thx for saving me some money
  5. JonM

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    the heart of the ar15 system is the bolt carrier group. the single biggest upgrade you can do to a ar15 is get a really good milspec m16 style bcg. my bcg of choice are bravo company bcg. if your relying on it as a shtf gun you really need a second bcg anyway.

    replace the current one and clean the original up oil it down and put it in the safe for a backup.

    i also keep a complete trigger group with hammer springs and pins in the buttstock of my carbine.
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    I'd upgrade to a carpenter 158 mp hp bolt. Its relatively inexpensive and more of a reliability upgrade than anything else.
    The carrier is relatively unimportant. Other than that, shoot shoot shoot it and post up some centerfold quality pics!
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    I second this. Another bolt and carrier along with a "replacement/repair parts set" can fix almost any problem at the range. Pretty cheap insurance for a SHTF gun also.:rolleyes:

    PSA has their boltcarriers on sale right now. just check the Deals Deals Deals thread or the websight http://palmettostatearmory.com/
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    I have a Rock River NM upper on a DPMS lower. I replaced the trigger with a Jewel trigger and set the pull to 4 lbs. I use this in NRA high power competition and can easily shoot 1 MOA with it. I also added weight with lead in the butt stock and under the handguard.