DPMS Panther Oracle ammo question.

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bikerlbf406, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. bikerlbf406

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    I just bought me a brand new DPMS Panther Oracle AR-15 chambered for .223 & 5.56. I was looking at ammo prices and see that the Tulammo steel casing only about half the price at the most of non steel cased ammo. My question is, will my gun actually shoot it without problem? The reason I ask is because last year on my 1911 I own, I bought and tried to shoot Tulammo with it and it wouldn't shoot and ended up getting jammed up in the gun so tight, that I had to take it a gunsmith to be extracted, and I don't want to repeat that incident with the AR-15, as obviously if it won't shoot, jams it up or damages the gun in any way, I'm isn't worth going for the cheaper ammo.
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    It's usually one of those "don't know til ya try" type of deals. Buy 100 rounds, try it out. Go from there. Keep in mind, in the long run it may wear the barrel out a bit faster than standard lead/copper projectile since the projectile does have a steel core, lead, then steel jacket then copper plated. Some will cycle it, some will not.

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    some AR's eat the steel cased ammo like it's candy and will run with not nary a problem, and others will have problem after problem with it. whether it does or doesn't can vary from one manufacturer to the next, and from gun to gun. the only way, as suggested is to try it out and see if it shoots it fine.
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    Like others have said, ya don't know until you try.
    I too own an Oracle, and others who also have it say it eats up the steel just fine, but I haven't tried it in any of my ARs.
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    My DPMS carbine runs steel case just fine, so does my PSA home build.
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    The hard truth about steel-cased ammo is this: Most of the folks who want to shoot it have cheaper guns that are more likely to fail as a result. And most of the folks with spendier guns that would digest it just fine, refuse to use the cheap stuff.

    My guess is that your Oracle will shoot Tula pretty well. You'll probably encounter the occasional failure (2%, 5%, 10%, 40%?...I dunno). Maybe it'll eat through it flawlessly, but probably not. Chrome lining and heavier BCGs can cure many of the ills of cheaper ammo.

    You can get brass cased ammo for 30-35cents a round right now...I think that'll ultimately be what serves you best. But buy a couple boxes of the cheap stuff and find out...that's how you get to know your rifle. And if they don't run so well, you save the remaining ammo for your next 'eats anything' badass build.
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    Adding my .02, right after Sandy Hook, DPMS dumped a bunch of Oracles on the market really cheap with low QC and a high failure rate. They were really picky eaters of ammo, and wouldn't cycle steel or a lot of brass. Some of it was due to the gas keys not properly staked, barrel nut out of alignment, and some was due to a lot of their barrels being .223, and not 5.56 like they were stamped. I don't know if they slowed down the assembly line and fixed the problems or not. This happened before back on '94 during the Clinton AWB. I don't think you will permanently damage your AR with steel if you want to try a mag with it. I use it all the time and have no issues, of course I build my own AR's. Best I can say is lube it up, take it to the range and try it.