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  1. PatrioticEagle50

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    Im looking to upgrade my DPMS Oracle. Im wanting to first start with upgrading the cosmetics/furniture, then the barrel, then the trigger, then whatever else i see fit at the time. What would you recommend for a barrel, trigger, and the furniture? Thanks for the info!

    I was considering the Tac-Con 241 with ambidextrous selector, and i was wanting a nice fluted barrel.
  2. Triumphman

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    For the furniture, are you staying with the adjustable stock or wanting to go with a rifle(A1/A2) buttstock?

    Can't go wrong when looking at Magpul for any furniture. Colors, different handgrips, trusted name/quality.

    For a different barrel, are you looking for a chrome-lined model? DPMS Oracles shoot quite well with the barrel's used.

    Carbine, midlength, rifle gassing for the gas block/gas tube will help in your decision.

    Get your barrel first to help determine as to which gas block or handguard to choose.

    There's also going "Free Float" in your handguard if you choose, and lo-pro gas block will be needed, along with how barrel is attached to receiver.

    I've had great luck with many triggers. PSA(classic lpk), CMMG, and RRA in their "Match" 2-stage.

    For the barrel in fluted, I've only seen in Stainless and I recommend Green Mountain.

    Are you going more for precision or all-around SHTF type?

    Needing more info for the direction you're wanting to go as to style, for the change over.

    Almost forgot, the DPMS Oracle uses a "commercial" buffer extension, so if you decide to get an adjustable buttstock in Mil-Spec, you'll also need a new extension due to different diameter sizes. Interior of tubes are same, just outer measurement.
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  3. FrontierTCB

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    Major upgrades and spending $$$ on an Oracle.

    If it were me I would sell it and buy or build a rifle with the barrel, furniture, and gas system of your choice.

    But whatever you decide good luck and enjoy.

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  4. PatrioticEagle50

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    Triumphman- originally I was thinking about going with ATI adjustable buttstock with matching furniture, but my mind isnt set yet. I havent really thought about barrels much yet, im just trying to build an all around SHTF scenario gun. So far i really like the gun i have i just want to "upgrade" it some. Im not trying to make a long range rifle out of it, honestly, i probably wont be shooting over 100yds.

    Since im new to Ar's in general, im just using this gun to "get my feet wet" in the AR world. I would honestly like to build my own rifle but i want to get as much experience with the AR's before then.

    Since the Oracle has a carbine gas system, what would it take for me to change it to mid-length, etc.? It seems like everything i like is only in mid length or bigger. So is it as simple as changing the barrel, gas system, and handgaurd? Or is it more complicated than that?

    Thanks for the help!
  5. fsted2a

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    I think it would be cheaper on you to build the upper completely than replace parts on the upper, and just use your Oracle upper as a standby. I recommend a mid length 16" barrel and handguards. If you are installing the barrel as opposed to buying the upper complete, get a stripped barrel so if you decide at a later date to install a freefloat handguard, removing the gas block won't be an issue. I would stay away from ATI products altogether. They are getting a bad rep for shoddy workmanship, about as bad as Blackthorne. DPMS products are good for the most part, just stay away from those made around the time of Sandy Hook.
  6. Triumphman

    Triumphman Well-Known Member

    In all honesty, I don't know much about ATI's furniture or quality.

    With what you want to do I would honestly look at building. For $100 you can get a assembled upper receiver from PSA. Or for $89 you can get a stripped upper and upper build parts and put together---Anderson stripped and a PSA upper build kit will work very well for you.

    The mid length barrels(which means a mid gas port) in 16" or 18". If however, like you say a SHTF, you would want a 16". BCM, Spikes, Del-Ton and many others come with chrome lining and chrome chambers for what you want. You could also get a 14.7" barrel and have the flash hider welded on and still be legal if you don't get a stamp.

    The DPMS Oracle Lowers are Mil-Spec in size and LPK's, but DPMS uses a Teflon exterior coating as opposed to the military type 2 anodizing. Nothing wrong with this, but if you get a true "mil-spec" upper receiver, the visual differences will be very noticeable.
  7. dwmiller

    dwmiller Well-Known Member

    As noted above^^^^, PSA is a good place to start. I'd also say look at BCM too. Just stay away from the PTAC cheap line of parts. Sign up for PSA's sales emails, a little patience will save you a ton of mulla!

    The mid length is a good choice if your staying with a 16" barrel. Its definitely smoother than a carbine. If you are looking at 18" or longer, the rifle length gas system is the way to go. It has a less "sharp" recoil impulse. You need to decide if you want free float handguards early in the build, as this determines the gas block type needed on the barrel. Milspec castings are the way to go unless your really flush and just have to shell out for billet upper and lower. The milspec fits almost universally...

    You can't go wrong in spending a little more for a quality barrel. It and the bolt are the heart of the rifle. After that Look at the trigger, then optics and finally spend whats left of your budget on the furniture. I like the Mission First Minimalist stuff followed closely by the Magpul lineup. Effective and inexpensive.
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  8. Sniper03

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    I concur with Triumphman!

    Before I spent that kind of money on an Oracle "EEK!" I would sell it to someone at the best price I could get out of it. And build a fine rifle since you are planning on spending some good money for the upgrades.

  9. fsted2a

    fsted2a Well-Known Member

    Triumph and eagle made good points. You also should look at SAA. Not as well known, but high quality just the same.
  10. harkersislandnc

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    The premium oppers from PSA are the best deal going right now. I have built rifles but do not see the point any more. With some looking I can buy complete uppers and lowers for less than I can build one. CDNN has some LWRC uppers on sale now. Spendy but good quality. Also look for blemished uppers on BCM ,PSA, etc.
  11. sweeper22

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    Don't do it.

    Would you buy a used $8000 Toyota Carolla, and spend another $10-15K in an attempt to upgrade it to Lexus status? Of course not. Because if you went to sell it, it'd still be a Carolla. And nobody in their right mind would be willing to absorb the costs of your peculiar project.

    Build it right the first time. To continue with this analogy, you can in fact build something in the ballpark of a $45K Lexus, for the price of a $20K Camry in the current AR market. PSA and BCM are going to be amongst the best resources.

    As to the Oracle-- keep it, sell it, do whatever suits your tastes and budget. It's not a terrible gun. It's a no-frills, functional, $500-600 AR...a minimum qualifier, but a functional and probably reliable option nonetheless. Just don't go building some $150K East wing on your $20K mobile home...because that's plain silly.

    If you do your homework, the best AR bang for your buck will occur in the $800-1200 price range in my opinion. Whether we're talking real estate or rifles, building anew from the ground up is always more effecient, cost effective, and has more staying power than overhauling/remodeling an existing 'project'.
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  12. Sasquatch

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    PatrioticEagle50, I did the exact same thing you are planning on. To "get my feet wet" in the AR world, I plunked down about $550 on an Orcale when I caught it on sale. I quickly added up around $150 on stock, grip, cheap rails, etc. What I discovered (especially after firing a friend's custom AR10) was that I was really dissatisfied with the performance of the DPMS. I thought about upgrading the trigger, barrel and a few other tweaks. In the process of doing some research into those parts, I started doing some math and figured I could build one EXACTLY like I wanted it from scratch. So, I sold my Oracle (lost a little $$ but chalk it up to a learning experience) and started accumulating parts.

    With any hope or luck, the last few pieces I need will be ordered next week. If I did the math right, I think I will have around $525 in the custom build and it will have much better parts than a stock DPMS. Whatever you decide, best of luck to you and have fun with it.:)
  13. fsted2a

    fsted2a Well-Known Member

    My last 6 AR's (I currently possess 5) I have built/assembled, mostly because I enjoyed building them. I built one around a BCM blemish upper. I couldn't have afforded to just buy them outright. If you choose to build, you can probably build a good one with a freefloat rail for about $600-$700 bucks if you shop around. Look at the sites of some of the manufacturers/distributors mentioned in this thread. Good sources of quality parts.
  14. robocop10mm

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    How many rounds do you have through it? What is wrong with it? IMHO, it is just silly to spend $500 on upgrades to a $550 rifle. You will not have a $1050 rifle when you are done.

    f you have at least 500 rounds through it, you will see what needs to be changed. HD extractor spring, H buffer, a dozen mags and a few cases of ammo. A different pistol grip is probably legit. The original design leaves some to be desired. Free float handguard? Why? It probably shoots better than you are capable of.

    You have the equivalent of the Chevrolet 1500 W/T. Spending untold amounts of money to upgrade it to a Silverado with 22" rims and 1000 watt stereo is, well silly.
  15. flglocks

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    With the changes you want to do, just build a rifle
  16. fsted2a

    fsted2a Well-Known Member

    Shoot at least 500 rounds through it before you make your decision. If you can, find someone's free float to shoot just to see if you really want one. If the only reason you want one is for the doo dads you plan on hanging on it, you might be better off getting a set of magpul hand guards. The newer ones have mlok attachment points so you can mount stuff, and they are more comfortable than milspec or most free float handguard systems. They can be mounted same as milspec handguards, and are cheaper than freefloats. Until you have fired your AR several hundred rounds, (or it starts malfunctioning) you really don't know what you need to put on it. My thoughts are when you have some rounds fired through it, start with the parts Robo mentioned, and work your way from there. You might have a rifle you don't want to part with.
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    Here's an upgraded DPMS Oracle. ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1495501020.263289.jpg