DPMS or McGowan barrel?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by bradam, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Due to lack of funds for a more custom barrel I have narrowed down a future build in AR .260 rem to a DPMS 20"or McGowan barrel 20 or 22". the price is about the same. the DPMS is S/S black teflon coated and McGowan is S/S satin finish. both are around 300.00 What are all of your expert and non-expert opinions between the two?:D or any other barrels in that price range?
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    don't know about the DPMS barrels, but McGowan has an excellent reputation for making quality barrels.

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    I wouldn't worry about a DPMS barrel being inferior. Most all AR manufacturers don't manufacturer their barrels anyway. They purchase "blanks" from an outside source and do the inhouse boring to their specifications, OR if they're just an assembler, they purchase an already bored/exterior finished M4/heavy/pencil/government type barrel or whatever special fluted barrel they want from a barrel supplier. BCM and FN also do Hammer Forging with their barrels, which adds another dimension of metal treatment to a barrel for quality.

    Also, DPMS is being used around Afghanastan. Don't believe me, just search for "DPMS bring backs". The Uganda government is using DPMS as a guard rifle for support troops/supplies. Yes, DPMS is still only a semiauto, but it's being used in/under a war situation.

    Not all do everything that an AR company wants but supply the blanks. All barrels makers also do barrel steels according to what the gun manufacturer needs. So Colt might want a steel that has different alloy makeup of metal blends than Del Ton, but the barrels come from the same barrel maker.

    McGowen does make a very good barrel, but DPMS also uses barrels from wherever they get them, that give very accurate results too in their "Un-lined" makes.