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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by CoyoteHunter122, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Hey everyone, let me starting by saying I have a pretty limited experience with AR-15. I'm getting into coyote hunting and looking to buy my first AR. I am looking at the DPMS Lo Pro Classic and would like some opinions on this gun specifically. I would like to hear what kind of accuracy to expect out of it with factory loads (I don't have a reload station so handloads are out of the question) I know this is a value rifle but I would like to know if it will be a sub MOA shooter at 100 yards and a good starter coyote rifle. I will not be putting thousands of rounds through it or doing anything other than range and hunting. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    DPMS makes a decent product. The triggers are horrible,and need to be upgraded.
    The rifle you're looking at is an entry level rifle,and I wouldn't expect sub-MOA capabilities with it from factory ammo. It could probably do it with hand loaded ammo,but I doubt it with factory.
    Save a little more money and get a better equipped rifle with a free floated barrel,and better trigger,and then you will have what you want without needing to change a bunch of stuff on it in order to have a good shooting rifle.
    The Panther Bull 20 is a good rifle,but the trigger needs upgrading,the Prairie Panther comes with a decent trigger,and is lighter weight for a little more money.

    I shoot a DPMS LR-260H,and the trigger was swapped out before I ever shot it. I put a RRA 2 stage NM trigger in every AR platform I shoot. My 223 and 458 SOCOM are Rock River Arms,and I have always liked their products. The 223 is a 20" Varminter,and it has always performed very well,but I hand load for every rifle I shoot,and don't buy factory ammo.