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    If anyone is interested in this I will try to forward the .pdf file.

    No Guns = No Money
    We've all seen the signs on the door. The uninformed shop owner does not want firearms in his establishment. As law-abiding gun owners, we pass his shop in favor of a more enlightened merchant, but we have that awful feeling in our gut that makes us want to educate the uniformed.

    As a Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Holder, I
    • have NOT been convicted of a felony,
    • have NOT been committed for the abuse of a controlled dangerous substance, am NOT an unlawful user of marijuana, depressants, stimulants, or narcotic drugs, and do NOT chronically and habitually use alcoholic beverages,
    • have NOT been adjudicated to be mentally deficient or been committed to a mental institution,
    • have NOT been found guilty of a crime of violence,
    • am NOT a fugitive from justice, and
    • HAVE been trained by a Certified Firearms Instructor
    How much does that shop owner know about his other customers, particularly that criminal that could care less about his wishes and carries an illegally concealed weapon?

    Now, you may download a PDF file that will allow you to print business sized cards with this exact message on them. Simply print, trim, and carry them with you in your wallet or purse. When you see the sign in the window, slip the card to the owner and go on your way. If the owner gets enough of these cards, he'll realize the amount of money he is losing to his uninformed and ill-conceived policy.

    Instructions for Use:

    To use the form, click the download button to the right. Once you have downloaded the PDF, you may print the cards on plain paper or card stock, and trim along the lines. Alternatively, you may purchase any plain colored business card templates made by Avery (available at most office supply stores), and use the PDF template to print onto Avery business cards.

    Please remember, be polite when presenting these cards. If the shop owner wants to argue, walk away. If the shop owners wants more information, you may direct him to the LSA for more information.
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    jgoertz, please forward me the .pdf if you can, thanks!

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    Nevermind, I found it on the website. Thanks for the info!:)