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    I recently tried to purchase ammo from Double Tap and everything went fine but for some odd reason mu credit card didn't take on their website, I think it's because I was using my smart phone and not the pc. Anyways, the company sent me an email saying that i had not entered a method of payment. I tried to add my credit card but their website does not have that option. What I mean is that as you're making a purchase you can add a credit card but otherwise you can't. So I call them and thet say on their automated message that i have called after business hours. But I called today, Monday,at 1:30 pm their time. Has anyone else had this problem or am I the only fool who can't make an internet ammo purchace?
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    They (like many online retailers of gun related stuff) have declared an "all hands on deck" and have temporarily assigned every warm body available to getting orders out. The customer service reps are probably helping with the shipping duties

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    ^^^^ What he said!^^^^^^