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    Searching for enhanced sights for my Colt Defender, without requiring machining of the slide presented some difficulty. I really wanted a combination fiber optic/tritium sight similar to what I have on my CZ-75B. (Tru-Glo)

    The only sight set I could find was made by XS, using a ball and post type sight. I bought a set, thinking that I could work with the system. The tritium inserts in these sights are very good, I can see them glowing across the bedroom at night. The sights fit perfectly with no alterations. It appears as if this Colt uses a Novak rear cut, and a propitiatory, over-sized front cut. Why? Who the hell knows.....

    The big problem is that I just can not get the hang of "dotting the I." I don't shoot the pistol worth a damn with these sights, even though I have given them a good try. I was wondering if anyone here has used the system and how it worked for others. On paper, the system looked really good to me. In practice, not so much.
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    I have shot those belonging to students (I don't own any) and what I found is what you said. Up close and personal they work good, but for actual 'marksmanship', shooting small groups at a longer ranges, where you need a perfect sight picture, they suck. So I guess you have to ask yourself, 'what do I want them for?' If you want 'in a fight front sight', IE: up close they work well, but if you want to shoot at long ranges where a 'fine' sight picture is required they are not for you. :)

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    In theory, they look pretty good and I have heard both good & not so good thing about them and I was also tempted to try them but never did. In my Gun Life I have used many sights, starting with fixed revolver sights, black on black pistol sights, white dot sights, night sights and now I only use Fiber Optic sights with red dot on front and green on the rear. I discovered through the years that I shoot best with the Fiber Optic sights, so for me these work the best. I think trial and error will get you to where you want to be and this is also tru with the type of gun you will use for EDC! Good luck and have fun choosing what is right for you!
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    I love the visibility of the "big dot" sights, generally.

    But I love the simplicity of the traditional "three dot" arrangement.

    For me, so long as the sights themselves are very bright, I seem to do best with a three-dot tritium or fiber optic setup. Of course, aging eyes would benefit by the bigger, brighter sights. But I just can't seem (yet) to get comfortable with the bar-dot sight picture. (Not that I couldn't.)

    I'll tell you, though, if my focus degrades another ~25% in the next year or two like it has since the last prescription, I might well be forced into the "big dot" stuff. Nice visible sights, but I wish they'd design a three-dot arrangement as an option.
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    I have been converted, as a true believer, in the fiber optic sights as well. Combine them with Tritium and you have outstanding sights, especially for old men like me. I wish I was a better photographer, but you can get the idea. Mounted on a CZ-75B, these look just as good in the dark of night as they do in the day. They really help with rapid sight acquisition.

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