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    Ok so I have the amount of bullet drop in inches and I'd like to convert it to how many "clicks" on my scope I need to adjust? My scope adjustment is 1 click =1/4 moa
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    For practical purposes, 1 minute of angle is 1 inch at 100 yards, 2 inches at 200, 3 inches at 300, etc.

    To change point of impact by 3 inches, that would be 12 clicks at 100 yards, 6 at 200, etc. Remember it is ANGLE- so as the point of impact moves away, even though angle stays the same, the amount of distance becomes greater.

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    As long as you know the velocity and ballistic coefficient of the bullet being shot,you can use a ballistic calculator to get your scope dope.
    There are several ballistic calculators available online,some are pretty basic,others are in depth of many variables.
    I use the JBM Ballistic Calculator for all of my dope cards. For me,it is the best that I've used,and if I've done all my inputs correctly,it's dead on at any range. I print out the info,and tape it to my rifles.Then all I have to do in the field is range the target(animal),and turn the turrets,pull the trigger.

    On my 25/06,I taped the dope card to the stock under the action.I hunt with this rifle a lot,and can see this info very easily by just tilting the rifle a little while being shouldered.

    The 6.5 Creedmoor has a drop magazine,so I had to put the dope card on the side of the stock on the butt. It is still very easy to read quickly,and then crank the turrets.