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    Well at least you can't accuse me of just showing up and asking "Hey... What's this gun worth?"

    I was at Scheels in Iowa City over the weekend, browsing through their collectible firearms room. There in the case were several Winchester 12's. They were all field guns, no scrollwork. Most were 50's and 60's guns around $700 to $900. Then there was a 1937, 28ga, Model 12... $5,000. All of them were similar condition. In good shape, but nothing spectacular.

    Standing in the back of my safe is my great-grandfather's, 1930's, 20ga, Model 12. It's a field gun in pristine condition. My mom's most common memory of her grandfather was of him always cleaning that gun.

    Now I have no intent of selling the gun. It's a family heirloom and has already been promised to my nephew. I would like to get a ballpark idea of what it is worth first for curiosity, second for insurance.

    So what would you recommend for finding out a ballpark estimate of value?
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    I was just browsing gun broker last night and the current bids on many field grade model 12s were 3-400 bucks in the early stages of bidding and many of those in not so pristine condition. Some up to 2 grand for the more collectible ones with scrollwork. I didn't look at completed sales, but from what I saw current bidding at, I would ball park it at around 5-700. Maybe a bit more.

    One of the best gauges is to look at the completed sales.

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    You could try sites like gun broker and look at recently sold items that are the same or similar. I know it's not an exact price but it will give you a ball park idea. The other thing you can do is take it to scheels. If I remember right they do preform appraisals for a fee. I also believe gander mtn in cedar rapids does also