Dont know which one to get

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by dalefan88, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. dalefan88

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    Ruger lc9 or beretta nano.

    I have shot the lc9 and know I like it. Only draw back for me is it comes with one mag.

    Now the nano. I have a 92fs and a neos and love them both. The nano comes with two mags. But i never shot one. Whats your guys thoughts?
  2. Missouribound

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    You can always buy a second mag. (or 3rd or 4th). Choose the quality first, then the fit, then the mfg. If you don't get a gun which fits you and is fun to won't practice with it. A gun you don't practice with you may as well leave at home.

  3. DrFootball

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    Ok disclaimer: not a stockholder in either company, but own a older 92SB, an planning on at least one more Beretta purchase in the next 12 months. Also own many Rugers, 3 autos and a few Wheel guns. Prior post is correct: get what you feel most comfortable with. When I held the Nano, it just didn't fill my hand like the LC9 or my old Smith .9mm does. The deal maker was at the time my LC9 came with two mags, of each, and they were already planning the 9 rd. ext. mags. That being said, if you feel the nano is a better fit, get whats best. I can carry as much as 72 rounds now with 5-7 rounders and 4 of the new 9 rounders If I NEEDED to....