Don't bother to hard to clean?

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    That is what one person told me about a .22 Ruger Mark III. I have hear they shoot sweet but are a real pain to assemble after cleaning. Are they that difficult. Should I consider another .22 for some target practice?
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    The Mark 1, 2 and 3 series all use a mechanism at the rear of the grip to secure the upper receiver to the grip frame. Reinstalling it is, yes, an excercise in frustration to say the least. And if you try to force it, you will damage something.

    Unless I have some real need to remove the upper from the lower and remove the bolt, I don't bother doing battle with it. When it gets that filthy, I remove the grips and hose the whole thing out with carb cleaner and scrub the stubborn stuff with a toothbrush.

    The gun however, is a great, in my opinion, one of the BEST semi auto .22's out there so I wouldn't let the disassembly lever in itself disuade you from getting one.
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    This guys knows his Rugers and it helped me a lot when cleaning mine. I have heard there is a conversion out there to make it easier I have yet to find it. The problem is the linkage in the top of the grip. It has to be in the exact right position to get it to go back together. Once you figure out that it is really easy to get it together.

    Don't pass up a Ruger Mk series because some yahoo says it is hard to clean. Just like riding a bike it gets easier with time. Half the fun of owning and buying a new firearm is learing to use it and learing how it works. Well for me it is.

    Are there pistols out there that are easier to clean yes. I have a Bertta Neos 6.5" and it is much easier to clean but it doesn't shoot as well as the Ruger it is close don't get me wrong and the Neos is a great pistol but If I want more accuracy I grap for my old beat up rust pitted Ruger MkII Govt Target Model.


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    Majestic Arms makes the Mark 2 "speed strip" kit. I can't get their site to load however...
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    Do it 3 times. (Stripping/ re-assembling the pistol, that is) About the 3rd time, you will suddenly realize "Oh- that's how I did it!" and it will never be a problem again.
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    I love my Walther P22. It is seriously a gun you should look at. Ive heard good things about Rugers regarding accuracy, but the field strip/assembly SUCKS. But once Walthers are worn in, you can't beat them. I bought mine so I can practice with a 22LR that has the same action as my other semi handguns (which is very good mostly for practice, and also in a tight situation if you plan to carry it, ex: you dont have to think about what firearm your carrying that day and what you have to do to bring it into action, just rack the slide go). Although it is not my main carry handgun, the Walther P22 is also very easy to throw in a pocket if your in a rush or unable to wear a handgun on your waist due to wardrobe. You can't do that with a Ruger MK3.
    Info in that thread may help, and I posted a more thorough review of the Walther P22.
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