Don't advertise if you don't want to sell -- a rant.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by txpossum, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Okay. I NEED a .22 magum rifle. You see, about four or five months ago I bought a Ruger Single Six Convertible. Been a while since I'd owned one, and I like the fact it shot both .22lr, which I already stocked ammo for, and .22 mag, which gave me more flexibility with the gun. Well, then, since I already had to buy .22 mag ammo, it made perfect sense to buy the AMT Automag II . . . since I had to buy .22 magnum ammo anyway. But that got me to thinking . . . heck, I needed a .22 magum rifle to go with the handguns. So I've been keeping my eye out for one, and on a Pennsylvania gun forum I saw a Ruger 77/22 mag rifle for sale at what could be a very good price. I really like my 77/22 in .22 long rifle, and this gun was priced about $150 less. If it was in decent shape you bet I was gonna snap it up. So, Sunday afternoon I both emailed the guy, and sent him a pm on the forum. No reply. Monday evening I called and left a message on the phone number provided in the message. No reply. This morning I was going to be close to where the seller indicated he lived, and I sent a text message to the phone number. No response.

    Now, this guy was selling about 10 guns on the site, and when you called the phone number the recording said that I had called _____________ Arms. So this guy seems to be a least a part time dealer. So how about a little common courtesy here? Let me know if the gun is available, and if so send me some pics, and if I like it I'll hand you some cash and take my new rifle home. What's so f'ing complicated about that? Now I am so irritated that if the seller called me RIGHT NOW, I DON'T WANT the dang gun. Okay, I lied, I still do. But I'd be snotty about it.
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    Ever try buying from armslist? I was going a guy at his place during my lunch break. I made plans before, he said he would be there at set time, and gave me directions. I said if its what he was describing I would buy it.

    I called before I left, to make sure he was home.

    @$$wipe: hello

    Primer: hey, this is the guy that called about the shotgun. I'm on my way if you are there.

    @$$wipe: well, I sold it.

    Primer: well, I said I would be there, its almost that time.

    @$$hole: another guy showed up with the money, so I sold it to him.

    Primer: so why did I make plans at a certain time, then rush to the mac machine before work, and am talking to you now?

    @$$hat: to buy this gun, but...

    Primer: exactly. Thanks buddy.


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    "I NEED this gun/that gun. Since I already have x-caliber ammo I also need that gun" :D You sound like somebody I know...:eek:
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    Rant acknowledged, but it seems more of a price thing you are after than a gun thing.


    Now this is a 22 Mag you should be looking for.

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    Had something like this happen to me once. I'm STILL PISSED about it. There was a guy on armslist selling (2) 16 ga bolt action Mossberg shotguns together for $120. I told him I would pay shipping if he would send them to my local shop. He said that would be fine, and I asked where I need to send the payment (This was on a Friday). Well, a day passed with no reply, so I sent him another email. Still no reply. On Monday, I looked up his number and called him. He had just sold them to someone else. :mad:

    About a month later, he emailed me to tell me he had a Mossberg pump, and that he would sell it to me. I told him no.
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    I really like the way you think. :D