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    I was at a LGS yesterday and the owners,, whom I have known for quite sometime and contribute to youth shooting programs alot,, Boy Scouts, Young Guns Trap Shooting etc., in this area, were discussing ammo availability and stated that the local clubs that offer their facilities for these programs were basically out of .22lr ammunition. TheIr shop supplies ammo at basically cost to help sponsor these activities and they were quite concerned about these organizations not being able to be supplied for the summer shooting season. I myself am going to donate a brick of 22lr., and am letting my shooting buddies at the various clubs that my wife and I belong to do the same,, be it at the club that has these youth training programs or shops that we know supply these groups. I know many folks cannot do this, but those of us that can, I believe we should to promote safety and continued interest in the shooting sports. I'm getting up in age and I firmly believe that anything we can do to promote the safe use of firearms and the legitimacy of shooting sports in this political climate is our responsibilty.
    If anyone knows of groups in your area that need a hand, please do what you are able and show we care..