Dominant eye.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by sirhc, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. sirhc

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    Not sure if this is the right area, but has anyone ever had their dominant eye change? Is it possible? My eye doctor says my eye sight has not changed in 4 years, but I can tell it is degregating. I was showing some of my cadets yesterday how to check to see which is their dominant eye and was surprised twice to see that it was my left. Any thoughts or experiences?
  2. Jstrong

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    I'm right side dominant in almost all body parts,and shoot rifles looking through my right eye... As that's the only eye to shoot with without switching the rifle to the left side of your body. But when shooting handguns I close my right eye,turn my head slightly,and look down the sights with my left eye. Been shooting that way all my life just noticed a few years back,I can shoot just fine with my right eye but have to actively remind myself to use it instead of my left eye.

  3. John_Deer

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    Even though I have lazy eye. I never think of my right eye as dominant. I always shoot with both eyes open, even with a scope. I can't see a lot pf details with my left eye but I can see well enough to pick up running game with my scope. When I shoot anything with iron sights I keep both eyes open. Good depth perception is helpful. Everyone loses depth perception when they close one eye.
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    I am with John_Deer except for the shooting A rifle. I shoot hand guns with both hands & both eyes open, shotgun right handed with both eyes open. I can shoot A rifle with right or left but have to use the eye that matches the hand to acquire the target then open the opposite eye.

  5. Bigcountry02

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    Left eye for long guns and right eye for hand guns.
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    Well I only have one eye so.... I dont really have a choice, im right eye dominant.
  7. WebleyFosbery38

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    Im pretty farsighted and fairly blind uncorrected in my right eye but do shoot Shotgun Righty. I shoot any Rifle or pistol Lefty but thats nearly the extent of my Ambidextrous-ness.

    Eyes do not age equally anymore than they see equally, slight changes in vision are often undetectable to the Eye Doc but we sense them when we do certain tasks that our eyes can no longer adjust perfectly to. Hang in their, play with some of the cheepo walmart glasses and see if that helps, you would be surprised what a tiny modification in lenses can do.
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    I'm in the same boat. 5 years ago, I developed macular degeneration, and as a result, I lost the vison used for fine detail in my right eye. I still have peripheral in it, but I now shoot exclusively left handed with long guns. I still shoot right handed with pistols, but I have to use a modified weaver stance, sighting with my left eye. I was right eye dominant before this happened.

    My vision is stable, for now. My eye doctors all thought I would be blind by now, but I'm not. I do have a small blind spot in my left eye, but it has not grown or changed in 7 years. It only affects me out past 600 yards, and the extent of the effect is that I can lose sight of a 5 gallon bucket at that distance if I am not looking directly at it. Close up, I only have a spot where a letter in a word on the line below will partially dissapear when I look at the line I am reading. I do what I can to keep the sight I have left, but I do realize that there is a good chance I will eventually go blind.
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    Dominant Eye

    There have been several posts regarding dominant eyes but for the life of me, it sounds like chasing a dead horse. First off, it really is a mute subject when you're talking about shooting. the handgun and shotgun are shot with both eyes open...Period. If you've been shooting a rifle right handed and have no problems, don't worry about it. Until I had my Cataracts removed a year ago, I could not use iron sites on my rifles. Now it 20-20 and am so relieved. I wonder what's next for this 74 yr. old. Dogwalk