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    I have been thiking of getting a fingerprint scanner and a hard card printer. There is a limited amount of places to get fingerprint cards done in my area.

    I would do the fingerprint cards for my NFA customer's form 4 applications for free. Just not sure if it will be worth the investment in the hardware since I am just starting to research it.
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    I do not know what the investment is? But might be a great idea to get people in your store or shop. You could advertise it in the local papers, Flyers, Flyers posted at locations like grocery store bulletin boards and on your door or store front. People do need the ability of access to someone who can provide this service for a lot of reasons including investments and many others. Might have a nitch there if you do some research. But I would assume if you did it you would probably be best to be a Notary also for validation of the documents you print?


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    I saw machine not sure if it was new or used, its been a while back . I think they were asking $25,000 for the machine but I cant remember . Regardless if you advertise you will get business . Our guys have to get fingerprinted every 3 years for work and its a 1 hr drive each way for 5 minutes worth or prints , I know you need fingerprinted for HazMat endorsements , Banking jobs and many other jobs . Could be a good investment and get people in your door for other business also . I will say this though , if you dont advertise in multiple places they will never know your there .
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    I think our local SO charges $40 for prints for a CWL application. If you're the only game in town, figure you could maybe charge $50 per. All depends on how much you have to pay for the scanner and printer and how much business you expect.
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    Many finger print cards, to be official, have to be signed off by the LEO performing the printing. Look at your blank cards and you'll see the sections.
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    It's the box right under the applicants address on the left side of the card. I print for the USCG.