Does that certain gun "sing" to you?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by txpossum, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. txpossum

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    Some gun owners understand exactly what I mean, while others look at me like I'm crazy. But one piece of advice I give people who ask what make, model, or type of handgun to buy, I say to handle as many as possible and buy the one that "sings" to you.

    It's not dependent on make or model. I can look at a table full of the same make and model of gun, and there will be one that asks me to pick it up. I rarely go to a gun show with a the purpose of buying a specific type of gun -- I wonder through the aisles until a gun chooses me.

    Anybody else here?
  2. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    not the exact words i would have used! but yes, i do agree with what you're saying. buy the one that fit you the best or in your words, "sings to you".

    pretty good advice and suggestion Possum!:D

  3. gearhead396

    gearhead396 New Member

    Ya I know what you mean I've never advised that but I will now. Now that I think about it most if the guns I own were not the one I went to get I ask to look at say for instance just recently to see the colt and m&p 15-22 but they just wearnt right but that mp522 was screaming at me and it still is in my closet right now when you get that gun that's right for you in your hands you know it!
  4. kiabe1

    kiabe1 New Member

    My ruger 22/45 picked it up and it was like a lightning bolt went through my arm. Like it wasnt a gun, it was an extension of my arm
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  5. BeyondTheBox

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    I don't get it. You can look at a table full of the same gun but only one might "sing" to you? That makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Maybe I read that wrong, or maybe I'm just not nearly as into guns as you. Either way my guns sing to me every time I go shooting.
  6. txpossum

    txpossum New Member

    Nope, you are reading that right -- no gun, not even the same make and model, feels exactlly the same as another. Some sing to me, some don't. Now, I don't mean that I actually hear the gun singing . . .not quite, anyway . . . but it is the combination of factors unique to that gun, some dicernable, some on the subconcious level, that tell me "THIS is the gun". As I stated, I rarely look for a certain make and model, I just see if anything is calling me that day.

    On the other hand, sometimes I just never bond with a gun. I was given a Kimber .45 by a client, and although the 1911 is my favorite handgun, I never did warm up to that gun, and wound up selling it. I currently have a Series 80 that I bought 'cause the price was right, but so far it sorta leaves me cold. I would sell or trade it, but I'm thinking about building it up into a Bullseye target gun, and think once I put my imprint on it I'll like it better.
  7. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    I know that feeling well.:)

    The first time I picked up my Colt Anaconda, .45 Colt, it was perfect. I didn't even put it back on the counter, I shoved it into my belt and reached for my wallet. And it gets better every time I hold it.:)
  8. Bob Wright

    Bob Wright Member

    Um, no. That noise emitting from the muzzle is not exactly musical.

    But most single actions, well, just press it into the palm of my Wright hand and my fingers just sort of fall into place around the grips and my thumb just lays upon the hammer spur. It takes great effort for me to keep my trigger finger from carressing the trigger.

    But singing? No. Maybe if I were in the shower........

    Bob Wright
  9. gr8oldguy

    gr8oldguy New Member

    They don't sing but they do fit.
  10. Jorgy

    Jorgy New Member

    I know what u mean, possum. It is like a golf club, car, whisky, or a woman--it looks good, feels good, and you know you just gotta have it.
  11. sdiver35

    sdiver35 New Member

    Totally agree. In fact, I still have the picture of mine on my phone. I took while it was in the display case at the gun shop prior to purchasing it. I even talked them into giving me one of the stands they used to display them so I could take pictures of it once I got it home.

    It shoots like a dream too.
  12. shouldazagged

    shouldazagged New Member

    Count me among the ones who hears the music. The last time it happened, about ten years ago, it was a completely pristine, unfired 1970 Smith Model 15-8, purchased from an estate by an LGS. Its exact twin from the same collection was there too, and I didn't have the money to buy both; but though the guns were identical in every way except for serial numbers, the one I bought was the one that sang. Kind of like a knife I handled that snuggled down in my hand and sang, "Hey, let's go cut some stuff!"
  13. Viking

    Viking Active Member

    The music didn't play for my XDm 40 but it sure did for my Stoeger Cougar 40. I guess my wife saw that because she asked if I wanted to get it when I was looking it over, but then it could have been the glazed look in my eyes as how good the firearm felt in my hand. A few other guns sing to me but due to other expenses I have to ignore the music.:(
  14. rednecko2

    rednecko2 New Member

    Funny I just I used almost the same words described the purchase of my first pistol the same way to a friend. " the clouds parted, the light shown down from heaven, the angels started singing and in my head I justified it by its here and so am I so I bought it and we've been happy together since last week. Its a Walther ppq m2 9mm! Now if I can only find ammo!
  15. headhunter

    headhunter Member

    I'm not so sure about "singing guns" but there are some when you bring them to target are just "there" and there are others regardless of price you feel like you've got to work at getting them where you want them. Some older folk used to say get in a shooting position, look at a target, close your eyes, bring the gun up, and it should be there where it needs be.
    As some have already pointed out, we're all dillerent. A "natural" shooting position for you may not work for your friend Joe. Different length appendages, limbs,and torso all work for or against you.
  16. jyo

    jyo New Member

    Mine definitely sing to me---they say; "I'm hungry---feed me!"
  17. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister New Member

    My Mossy sings "boom, boom, pow" by the Black Eye Peas everytime I fire it.:D
  18. gearhead396

    gearhead396 New Member

    Lol that made me laugh hard man
  19. stratrider

    stratrider New Member

    My Moist Nugget makes that metal plate sing at 300 yds ;)
  20. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    It has always been the same for me, Glock. Right now its my G30 SF

    I hit dead nuts accurate at 15 yards and its just so smooth and reliable.