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This Question came up today so I thought I would share the answer with my friends here on the FTF!


Rock River does not use thread locker on the Barrel Nuts!

*******Absolutely not on regular barrel nuts.******* If the Rifle came direct from the factory and not assembled somewhere else as a parts gun. Obviously the otside builder could have used a Rock River Receiver and who knows what they did!
The proper torque is torqued from RRA to a minimum of 35 Ft. Lbs + depending on the alignment for the Gas Tube after the 35 Ft. Lbs is reached. But absolutely no Loctite on those standard Barrel Nuts from the factory. Another Question: Are you using a good barrel nut wrench or socket?
Rock River Arms does use a drop of Blue on handguard jam nuts (the three piece tubular and quad hand guards that employ separate barrel nuts, jam nuts and hand guards) to retain the jam nut against the handguard so neither vibrates away from the other. They also do use thread locker in the Castle Nut on the 6 Position Collapsible Stocks.
These items require removal using a (good heat gun or a torch) aren't
trying to burn it off, just get it tacky enough to be able to back the jam
nut away from the tube so it in turn can be taken off the barrel nut.
The only Red thread locker that is used by them is on the free float tubes on the National Match Models.

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