does my FFL allow me to own A silencer?

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    Is this all I need to legally own A supressor?
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    Are you being serious? Are you really an FFL holder?

    No, you can't with a straight FFL

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    The laws vary from state to state. Check your state laws.


    FFL allows you to own a Silencer?

    Hello all/Responce to Liebo1

    Ron L = seresurplus

    No, it doesn't and in Fact, if your holding an FFL, you better learn a lot more about the gun laws, or the ATF will be locking you up? Silencers are the control of the ATF and Federal, yes, some states have some say sa about ownership, but Licencing for a Class 3 for that is FEDERAL, NOT STATE!
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    I dont have an FFL!!! I was just curious about the silencer. I wasnt trying to fool anybody.Gun laws are very interesting to me and I try to learn all I can.I am also very interested in obtaining A FFL. I see all these kits available on line,are they necessary or can I get the info I need from ATF.If anyone would like to inform me I would appreciate it.
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    A standard FFL or Curio and Relic FFL DO NOT afford you the priveledge of silencer/suppressor ownership/possession. You must have a Class III FFL or have paid the $200 transfer tax to do so.

    People with low post counts who ask questions such as this are sometimes presumed to be posers, lurkers and possibly undercover agents or moles for the anti-gun factions. I suggest you read many hundreds of topics, post some reasonable comments before asking red flag questions.

    This is not a forum full of gun nut bubbas. This is a legitimate discussion site for the exchange of LAWFUL information and tips. With the historical attacks on the Second Ammendment by certain anti-freedom groups, legitimate gun owners and sportsmen are very wary of "outsiders". Most, if not all of the long term posters on this and most other similar sites are very happy to share information with the newcomers to our sport but are careful to gild our words out of fear of being misquoted or worse.

    Welcome to the forum and please read as much as you can on a variety of topics. You will get many answers from previously posted dialoge and you will learn how to present your questions in a way that does not raise those red flags.
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    I'd recommend visiting SilencerTalk and doing lots and lots of reading/searching. Methods and legal information regarding suppressor purchase/ownership in the US is discussed there in detail.
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    Thank you for that comment to that gentleman. I am new to the world so your comment is useful. I am not that guy, but am ignorent non the less. I wish to obtain all the knowledge I can. How do I start gaining creadibility?
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    Greeting fellow grunt! Member of the ROP here (Retired Old Pharts) FWIW, have been into guns, shooting, reloading for about 50 years, but have never sought credibility- rather, seek knowledge. A lot of that comes from experience, some from reading, some from picking the brains of folks you have found to have a greater depth of knowledge in a particular area than you have. The internet is a wonderful tool, just remember info found there is no better than the source document. Have seen too many folks make a blanket statement without taking the time to check readily avaialble information. ("You can't send a shotgun thru the mail!" - funny, USPS mail regs say you can) Have had times that folks have told me things I was sure were not right, but would politely ask for the source of their info- and lo and behold, I learned something. Grab a beer, pull up a chair, hang around a while. Also explore other forums in subjects tht interest you. There are forums for .50 cal shooters, full auto shooters, target shooters, reloaders, etc etc etc etc. And read.
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    Also seeking suppressor infformation

    Just registered on a suggestion from the Oregon Firearms Federation regarding experieces of those who have obtained BATF licensing for suppressors and what sort of intrusions into one's life and home might be expected as a result.

    One of my favorite things is exploding prairie dogs in large numbers, multiple kills with one bullet being particularly satisfying. Also coyotes, crows, ground squirrels, feedlot pigeons, whatever targets of opportunity are available. While I have no beef with rattlesnakes, the earplugs I need to wear to protect what's left of my hearing has made it hard to hear those suckers too many times when my attention is elsewhere in a hot 'dog town. Reducing the noise of my varmint rifles to the crack of a supersonic bullet minus the muzzle blast would be a hoot! I could go without the earplugs and, based on .22 rimfire experience, the bullet's crack coming from its path gets varmints looking all around, not at the source, making for more follow-up shots.

    I'm looking at a single suppressor from SWR that would be usable on my .204 and .224 caliber rifles. My Oregon Concealed Carry was no problem to obtain but I have never heard anyone say anything kind about the BATFE and its approach to citizen relations. While I may be naive, I see no qualification problems to my getting a Class III license for a suppressor. My concern is what level of intrusion into my private life I might expect AFTER securing the license and the suppressor. It is this sort of experience I am seeking from other as to whether it is worth it to proceed.

    I would appreciate hearing from members who have information about and/or experience in this matter.


    Stephen varmintClark
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    lets set this straight one more time : :mad:

    You DO NOT get a class 3 license as an individual to own a supressor or machinegun under the NFA . A class 3 license is an add on to an FFL for $ 500 per year, to SELL NFA items.

    As an individual, you are an SOT : Special Occupational Tax Payer
    $ 200 stamp on a supressor or machinegun, confidential tax info not available to anyone.

    You go to a Class 3 dealer in your state and buy the supressor, the dealer completes the form-4 for transfer and get a signature from your local Sheriff/Police Sheriff certifying there is no local law you would be is NOT a permission slip.
    2 passport photos are attached and 2 FBI finger print cards rolled and submit with the $ 200 transfer tax. The process takes about 90 days to approve the transfer. If you have a Corporation, LLC or trust, you eliminate the LEO signature and cut the transfer time to about 30 days.

    An FFL holder can buy a supressor but must pay the $ 200 tax.

    Problems with the BATF in this process...NONE !
    All NFA transfers are handled via the NFA branch in West Virginia...They are the only experts on NFA Law..individual ATF offices know little about the ins and outs of the NFA.

    Visits from BATF if you are an SOT ? None
    Rights waived as to search of your residence ? NONE old false rumor !

    The ATF knows the truth about the NFA : NO registered supressor or machinegun has ever been used in a crime !

    Buy one and further enjoy varmint hunting to the max ! Legal for big game hunting in some states ! :cool:
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    In my opinion, it is a MISTAKE to repeat the above information, as has been done everywhere, as it PROVES that registration and unconstitutional control of firearms and the right to own them PREVENTS their use for criminal purposes.

    It further supports what all the damn gun-grabbing politicians have been trying to get the public to believe for years.

    Think about it.