Does carrying a gun make me paranoid?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by comeback_kid, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I was cleaning my guns earlier out in our workshop. My dad and his friend happened to be in there. (Avid hunter, member of the NRA, Prison warden, has a concealed weapons permit but does not use it). We got on the topic of concealed carry, and I became offended (and surprised) by some of his remarks. I am 19 years old and I recently took my class for concealed carry a few months ago. I have 3 years to turn in the paper work, so when I turn 21 I will send it on it's merry way and will have my permit after they do the background checks and all that jazz. Anyways, my dad mentioned that people who carry guns are "paranoid" and that "if (he) had to carry a gun everywhere (he) went, (he) would just never leave the house". He said "if carrying guns gets you off, then join law enforcement or the military". I tried to explain to him that it was like insurance. The point is to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Apparently we don't see eye to eye on the issue. He failed to explain why he thinks people like that are paranoid, and when I tried to have a reasonable discussion with him out of curiosity to better understand where he was coming from, he was very short with me and said "im not going to have a conversation about it."... this whole ordeal struck me as odd, and it's really blown my mind. I have lost a little respect for my dad, but at the same time I was wondering... Is it paranoid to carry a gun? I don't think so... but maybe I am paranoid I just don't know it. I love guns, the protection thing is just icing on the cake for me. My motives for getting the carry permit is simply.... why not? I doubt there will be a single instance in my life where I will have to use it, but if for some reason I need it, I'd be a much happier camper knowing I've got that option. Nor do I mind having a gun strapped to my hip. Does it "get me off"? well, in a sense it does. Freedom and security is a good feeling. I've got a feeling if my dad found me carjacked and murdered, he would be wishing I had that gun on me.... He can call me "paranoid" all he wants... What do you guys think? I'm sure since I'm on FTF obviously I won't find too many anti-concealed carry folks here, but what would be some advice I could use to defend my position? I want to convince my dad that it's not paranoid and that it's not a bad idea, but when I do he just says "it's just what I believe, I don't want to discuss it"... Seriously? I thought my dad was more of a man than that. It's kind of disappointing.
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    Don't let one conversation do that! He may have been having an off day or may have been arguing with people all week at work. Remember his perspective. He has "been there and done that" in many cases, and he probably expects you to have similar tendencies to him given your genetic makeup. Listen to his advice, and just look at it as advice not a condemnation.

    I think by "paranoid" he probably meant "more aware of their surroundings".

    BTW, it really freaked me out a bit when my Dad asked to borrow some of my CD's. I had no idea he was into old school blues. It may suprise you as you age how much you and your dad have in common; it did with me.

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    It's just kind of strange how he's "anti gun" but at the same time he's all about the NRA and hunting and stuff. It took me forever to convince him that handguns are fun and they aren't just for killing people. Luckily he warmed up to the idea of me owning one. I also had to convince him to start keeping his gun loaded. I told him it didn't make any sense having an unloaded gun in his night stand for "protection" we don't have any small kids around. Just me my mom and him. All responsible and safe gun owners
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    Although I am certain that many paranoid people carry concealed weapons, carrying a concealed weapon does't make you a paranoid, any more than wearing a seat belt in your car makes you a paranoid person. Each person that carries has his or her reasons for doing so. Only the person doing the carrying really knows why they carry. Examine your reasons and come to your own conclusion and act accordingly.
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    I'd rather be paranoid then dead. Now where did I leave my tin foil hat? :D
  6. Balota

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    +1 Orangello! If Dad worked in corrections, he may have seen some horrifying situations that (a) color his opinion, and (b) make it difficult for his to discuss the subject. Don't hold his service against him. Definitely don't lose respect for him over it. Lots of veterans can't talk about their experiences. The fact that they went through that kind of thing for our sake deserves more respect, not less!

    OK, enough preachin', pass the ammunition :) !
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    Presuming no one is out to kill you, it depends on where you live.
    Murder and non-negligent homicide is considerably higher in New Orleans, Louisiana (49.1 per 100k) than Lincoln, Nebraska (0.8 per 100k).
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    I have my permit, but dont cc very often, for one thing i work in a hospital, so cant take it in, and dont want to leave it in the car. With your dad, you know as you get older, you tend to think things all the way through, and carrying comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. If it comes down to defending yourself its a no brainer, but if ever put in a situation wether or not to defend someone else it gets complicated. Do you stand back and do nothing, because 95% of the time the perp takes the money and runs, with nobody getting hurt, or do you bring a 2nd gun into the situation, knowing that will almost certainly end in a shootout with who knows how many people getting shot or killed, or even turn it into a hostage situation. On the other hand if you do nothing, and the perp blows the vics head off you are going to feel like s**t knowing you were armed, and could have prevented it. Its a lot to consider in the 5 seconds you will have to decide.
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    As it is stated in my signature, I probably would not be here if I had not been carrying. I still carry even though I have not needed it. I did not think I would need it then but I did.
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    Just the fact that someone carries a concealed gun does not make them paranoid,but I have seen a few paranoid people who packed guns. I know of one guy who suffered from PTSD pretty bad from his experience in Vietnam. He was quite paranoid and had extreme anti-government feelings. He packed a gun around just about everywhere he went. He usually had two or three handguns in his vehicle. He ended up accidentally shooting himself fatally with a .45 while he sat in his vehicle in the parking lot at a gun show.

    Some people just think everyone who packs a gun has personal issues. I have a friend who has asked me more than once what I was afraid of because I took a handgun with me fishing, camping, hiking, etc.
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    Not one of us knows if something terrible is going to happen to us when we leave the house. If we did we'd stay the hell home that day... Not carrying guarantees you WILL be a victim should that awful situation ever arise.

    "A citizen who shirks his obligation to contribute to the security of the community is little better than the crminal who threatens it" Can't remember who said that, heard it somewhere and it stuck with me...
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    What do you have to be paranoid about you are armed. :D Ask your dad if owns a fire extinguisher?
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    I think we have pretty well settled that carrying a firearm and being paranoid are not the same thing (may overlap, but wearing jeans and paranoia ALSO overlap)

    Now to the second issue- relations between you and yer Dad. Do not let this throw you. Your Dad has his life experiences and his reasons for doing things, just as you do.

    As far as changing his mind- sorry, but you are bumping into the Powdered Butt Syndrome. A common human limitation on interpersonal relations, you will gain further experience in this as you get older.

    What is PBS? The extreme difficulty may people have in accepting advice on sex, money, employment, and any other serious adult topic IF that advice comes from anyone whose butt you have ever powdered.

    While it may not be voiced aloud, somewhere in the back of the mind is the thought-"Christ- what can he know? He is just a kid- I remember when we brought him home- I remember him having colic, drooling when he started teething, and running thru the house after he took his diaper off!"

    Now, I have mellowed some- I have grandkids older than you- and I CAN relax when they are driving and I'm the passenger- when they are shooting on the lane next to me, etc. But it took a DEEP breath and time.

    I know it is hard on you- its hard on him, too. It does get better. My Dad finally accepted that I was also an adult after he flew with me. (His fingerprints are still pressed into the metal frame of the seat)
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    I carry a 40 on my side, a 223 in my truck, a 45acp in my glove box, and a 870 12gauge in the rear window. My father asked me the other day what I was afraid of. I looked at him and said "nothing"..
  15. robocop10mm

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    Warden, administrator, separated from the dirt. Many former "hands dirty" people forget what it is like.
  16. Charyoutree

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    In my job I call it the difference between "boots" attitude and "wingtip" thinking.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watchers?) --"Satires", Juvenal (Roman poet)
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    I haven't heard that term in too many years to count, and I'm glad I wasn't drinking any coffee when reading it. [​IMG] But it is true and only a person's own experiences will be the driving force in their opinions and actions.
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    like i always say only the paranoid survive.
  19. ScottA

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    The odds of someone having a house fire are 1 in 309.7

    The odds of someone being involved in a violent crime are 1 in 55.5

    Ask your father if he thinks carrying fire insurance is paranoid.
  20. Rick1967

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    I believe that as long as a prison warden has a job...concealled carry is not paraniod. When they all get laid off do to lack of work, maybe then we can all put our guns away.