Does anyone use G96 all in one gun treatment?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Cody, Apr 15, 2011.

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    I have just recently bought an R25 and a AR15. I've always used G96 all in one gun treatment on my 12guage and 30/30 pumps. I've watched all kinds of youtube videos on breaking down and cleaning my new AR's. Yet as I'm having no issue with that, I am simply not as familiar with its needs. I've never been in the military nor has any of my family so I figured I'd ask my question here.

    I've found a bunch of different advice on Google searches. From using high temp grease to break down and oiling kits. Can I use my G96 as an all in one cleaner and lubricant on my AR's? It's website says it meet military standards, yet is almost never sold in stores.

    On another I need to clean the gas tube?

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    First of all I do not believe in the concept that it is an all in one product. Solvent is Solvent and Lubricant is a Lubricant! Solvent is for dissolving carbon and residue. And lubricant is for lubricating weapons. You can use no finer product than G-96 for your AR. It is an excellent lubricant and in fact it is all Rock River Arms Inc. uses on their rifles prior to leaving the armory. I have also used it for several years for some demanding demonstration and testing. It is a very good product. You can not go wrong with using it as you have in the past.


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    Thanks for the info. Could you tell me if I need to clean the gas tube on the AR?
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    I will second the high praise for G96.

    Cleaning the gas tube is recommended every 500 rds, or so. Though I've exceeded that number by a factor of several and had no issues.

    I clean mine by spraying Kroil into the tube and letting soak overnight. Then running the long pipe stem cleaners through it, and blasting it with carb cleaner or gun scrubber.
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    I find it useful as a lubricant when removing surface rust. I also use it for a quick spray and wipe down after I clean a gun rather than RemOil. (which I used to use)