Does anyone think Politicians have forgotten what happened the last time they banned "assault weapon

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    Federal assault weapons ban One year after signing the Brady Law, White House lobbying also played a role in the passage of the 1994 Crime Bill, which included the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, commonly known as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The law banned certain semi-automatic firearms with two or more specific design features, and also prohibited the manufacture of ammunition magazines that held over ten rounds.[9]

    Although initially heralded as a victory for Clinton and Democrats in congress, it proved costly.[2] The bill energized the NRA and Republican base, and contributed to the Republican takeover of both houses in the 1994 mid-term elections. Many Democrats who had supported Clinton's gun control measures were ousted, including Speaker Tom Foley. Clinton acknowledged that he had hurt Democrats with his victories.[6]

    Clinton continued to push further regulations of firearms in his second term, especially after the Columbine High School massacre. Little success came out of his efforts as Republicans controlled congress during this time, and a majority opposed any further gun control.[10] The House voted to overturn the assault weapons ban in 1996, but the Senate failed to take up the issue.[11]

    Lasting effects[edit] Certain aspects of the Brady Bill were ruled unconstitutional in court (Printz v. United States), and the government now uses an instant check system instead of a five-day wait, but otherwise it survived and is still in effect today. Clinton claimed that the program had stopped thousand of criminals from purchasing guns. Critics pointed out that by 1999, of the more than 23,000 cases that had been referred for prosecution by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the BATF had only arrested 56 people.[7] The assault weapons ban had a sunset clause and expired on September 13, 2004.

    Executive Orders[edit] During his term, President Clinton also used the power of executive orders to implement gun control policies. On April 6, 1998 Clinton signed an order that permanently banned the importation of more than 50 types of semiautomatic "assault weapons".[12] In 1999 White House domestic policy chief Bruce D. Reed said, "The country is tired of waiting for Congress to respond to the tragedy in Littleton. The administration is going to do every thing in its power to make progress on guns."[13] Many accused Clinton of overuse of the executive power on gun control issues.
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    What Clinton did by EO any following president including Trump could undo.
    "Day one"

    There wont be an assault weapon ban because Congress won't pass one.
    They like being reelected.
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    never be too sure of things. the political pendulum can always swing in the opposite direction.

    i think some of you are assuming that gun owners who oppose an assault weapon ban are the majority. well, from much of what i have been witnessing, over the last few weeks, there are lots of gun owners who are in favor of more gun control measures and quite a few in favor of banning AR's and the like.

    and guess which way the politicians will go? the majority of course. and sad to say, gun owners in America, are probably not near as organized and cohesive as the anti-gunners. hell we can't even agree on too many things, and way too much infighting among ourselves. and some of you hate the NRA, and they are by far the largest of pro-gun rights organizations there is. and it only has something like a little over 5 million members IIRC. and there is an estimated 110 million gun owners in the United States. and some of you seriously believe that gun owners have majority?

    now it may not happen this year, or the next, but it could happen soon, in several years, depending upon what happens over the next couple of years. and guess what? many of those youngsters who are crying for more gun control measures? well quite a lot of them will be voting in the coming up elections, and it's very possible they could have some severe sway in how things turn out politically.

    and quite a few of you are so quick to throw Trump under the bus and desert him. and come 2020, i can just about bet you the Democrats will have much more viable candidate to run against Trump. could even be Bernie Sanders. if he had run against Trump, there might have been a whole different outcome. i wonder where Bernie stands on gun rights? might want to check it out!

    personally, i wouldn't suggest counting your chickens before they hatch. things could shift in totally different direction before you know it.
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    The first "assault weapons" ban took place on the watch of president Bush I in 1989. That administration banned over 40 semi-auto military rifles from import at the request of William Bennett, drug czar. Bennett claimed all the drug peddlers would arm themselves with semi-auto milsurp rifles.

    BTW: The "assault weapons" ban passed the US house by a vote of 216-214 after Ronald Reagan appealed to every house member to support the Bill Clinton ban. Two house members, a Democrat and a Republican, changed their minds after receiving personal notes from Reagan. The Democrat was beaten by his primary opponent at re-election time. He wore a bullet proof vest due to the death threats.

    38 Republicans voted for the assault weapons" ban, 76 Democrats voted against the ban.
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    I believe that Trump is being so magnanimous to the anti-gunners at this time because he knows nothing will come of it. If the gun folks, don't offer some sort of compromise to their "chisled in stone" 2A mindset, then when the Democrats resume rule, or when a shooting that is so destructive, that even the Republicans have to give ground, we are likely to see more stringent gun control measures than you may imagine.

    The first line of the second amendment leaves room to interpret the law exactly opposite of what we may believe, and without messing with the amendment itself, regardless of what the founders intended, and regardless of how the gun community feels about it, the courts have the last word.

    Trump's position is supportive to the gun community, but the reasoning is too subtle for some gunners to grasp. Where many people think that Trump has deserted them, the exact opposite is what is really happening. I really hate to be placed in the position of having to defend a Commander in Chief that I really despise, but it is what it is.

    The winds are shifting after this last school massacre. A signifigant majority of American voters do not believe that what they call "assault weapons" have any place in a civilian world. I have seen numbers as high as 68%, and including a majority of Republican voters. You can quibble over poll results, but the fact is they get things right more often than wrong. These people can not be ignored and most are not impressed by the contention that 2A, as interpreted by the gun community, was intended to be absolute.

    The votes aren't there at this time to ban assault weapons, or high capacity magazines, but that could possibly change after the next elections. All it will take is one more disaster and, like earthquakes, a series of small adjustments cause little damage, but if the force builds up, when it inevitably happens, it can destroy everything in its path.

    There is no reason to believe that some other crazy bastard is not planning on a raid to put himself in the history books as we speak. Ones who plans silently and carefully, as the Las Vegas shooter did, are unstoppable, and we all know that. I do not believe that the mass killings have ended as they have become almost routine. I wake up every morning with the dread that today may be the day.
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    Unfortunately, as our country has less and less country folk everty year, and more and more "urban a$$holes" gun control becomes a greater threat.