Does anyone know some schemes to this gun?

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    Hi. Just found out a gun in an old shed. It's in pretty good shape. One bullet is missing. As i searched the net i found out that this could be Melior .25 auto. Looks like this Help Id'ing Pocket Pistol. - TheFiringLine Forums. Maybe some of u know how to open it? Or you could provide some schemes to open apart the gun?
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    You have a Melior pistol, made in Belgium by Robar. 6.35mm is the european designation for .25 ACP, also called .25 Auto. Most of these dissassemble one of two ways- to start, remove magazine from weapon, draw slide to rear, and be CERTAIN that chamber is empty, and no ammo in weapon. Then check it again.

    A few have a barrel that rotates to unlock the slide. these will require that slide be drawsn back to the takedown notch, held, and barrel rotated a quarter turn. IF the barrel turns, then ease slide forward, and off the frame.

    MOST have a round button set flush at the rear center of the slide. Probably with a recess in the center. Use a ballpoint pin to press that in (goes in about 1/4 inch. While holding, draw slide back slightly, LIFT rear of slide off frame, then push forward, sliding the slide and its spring forward off the barrel. Strongly advise against any further taking down- or you will learn just how many small parts there are in such a pistol.

    Would suggest that you take this to a smith, have him strip, clean, lube. Will cost you a few $$$, and save you a LOT of swearing.

    .25 Auto ammo is available at just about ANY gun shop.

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