Does anyone know much about the JPFO?

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    Truly not much, considering i am not a card carrying Jew. :D But, i figure if there is a group of people out there today that UNDERSTAND oppression and the NEED for firearms it would be the Jews.

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    They are legit. They have done some great things for preservation of our 2nd Amendment rights.
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    ^^^ What he said.
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    Unfortunately they dont speak for the majority. Most of the American Jews are complacent and the majority are liberal. The majority also voted for Obama and still support him. I can not understand why. They are selling out Israel. I guess they have not learned from the Holocaust. Maybe as Americans they were too insulated from the atrocity or too much time has passed. The generation that lived through it is pretty much gone. Maybe they tried to forget instead of keeping the memory alive. It is a sad fact that a lot more Jews could have escaped but did not believe what was happening until it was too late. The people of the JPFO, like us, know it can happen again and dont want to be in a position where they cant fight back.
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    ^^^^What they both said ^^^^...visit the site
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    You dont have to be Jewish to join JPFO.

    JPFO views "gun control" the way Jews without their heads in their arses -eerrrrhmm- excuse me,the way Jews who KNOW HISTORY view it- as the tool of tyrants.

    You see,back in the 1930's,a little man with a funny mustache (and one testicle lol :eek:) took control of Germany,and with it,he inherited certain "laws" from the Wiemar Republic that regarded who may have guns and what guns they may have(basic description of "gun control",the Wiemar laws can be read in specifics in a post I'll put a link to below).
    He used these laws,by amending them,after "Kristallnacht" ("the night of the broken glass") to deny weapons ownership to Jews.
    He literally used these laws to disarm his victims.

    We couldnt even have clubs or kitchen knives.

    This made his Final Solution much easier on those who perpetrated it for him.


    Anyway,while 6 million Jews,along with millions of other people were murdered by this maniac during the Holocaust,some of us did fight back.

    One of my favorite movies is about this,have you seen "Defiance",with Daniel Craig?


    Some Americans of Jewish descent in this nation believe that we should uphold the tradition of self defense,which is actually spoken of as being righteous in our holy books,and that we should CELEBRATE the BRAVE PARTISAN FIGHTERS WHO RESISTED EVIL rather then wallow in victimhood.

    We should celebrate FIGHTING BACK.

    We RECOGNIZE self defense as an inalienable human right.

    We feel that the American tradition of private arms ownership IS SACRED AND SPECIAL,and is worth defending.

    True,some of us American Jews do not,this is how we feel about them-


    If you really want to understand why we think of them as Nazis,read this thread-

    I am a member of JPFO,NOT because I'm Jewish,which I am,but because JPFO has a unique understanding that draws causal lines between genocide and "gun control".JPFO,like myself,believe "gun control" is NOT about public safety,but about WHO HAS CONTROL OVER THE USE OF FORCE,and as history has shown,when a government gets that control,it oftentimes ABUSES IT TO THE MOST HORRIBLE EXTREMES OF EVIL.

    Watch this movie,produced by JPFO(This is brutal stuff,no young children or easily upset people should view it)-


    The Founders of this nation UNDERSTOOD the value of denying the government a monopoly on the use of force.

    "Gun control" DEFIES this lesson.

    And I defy "gun control",which is why I am also part of the 3%.

    MOLON LABE!!!!
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