Does anyone here find this strange??

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by marmac, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I had taped "48 Hours" by CBS on the VT shootings and it was clearly carrying that "pro-gun control" slant that CBS is notorious for!

    I think that we all understand that the media, with the possible exception of FoxNews, are quick to jump onto the gun as being the problem with gun crimes. At the same time, do you find it strange and a little ironic, that those networks thrive on shows that glamorize guns and using them, but they will demonize guns in "real life" as the guns are the problem and not the criminal? In the fantasy of Hollywood they will show "the good guy" using a gun as the tool that stops criminals! And they are very mixed up!!

    Hollywood is strange! On the one hand, many of these actors are taking the lead in the "anti-gun" movement, yet some of these will take that big money lead as the gangster or bad guy using a gun to commit crimes. Or, even a good guy to prevent crime.

    They sure have a problem with reality and fantasy.

    Just rambling!!

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    What would you expect from people who make a fortune pretending to be something/somebody they aren't in real life? Then again what do expect from an audience who can't differentiate between fact and fantasy?

    There are people who still swear that World Championship Wrestling is the real deal.

    Many of those taking the lead find it hard to get over their insignificance between movies.

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    Hypocrisy in Hollyweird suprises you? Celebs rarely practice what they preach regarding any issue. George Clooney condems your car as the cause of global warming, but has no problems jumping on his private jet that burns 200 gallons of fuel per hour so he can fly off into the sunset. Rosie O'Hefer thinks your hand gun should be taken away, but it is ok for her/his :confused: body guards to pack pistols. What suprises me is that society listens to these tools in the first place.
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    Sometimes I think I am becomming more jaded when I hear the news on radio, TV, or in the printed media. The internet has become, for me, a place where I can get other people's opinion without filters.

    When it becomes too much for me, I have to escape into a place far from any newspapers, cellphones, internet, TV, or radio. I call it my hunting lease.

    Just remember that if we can make the world a better place for one person we have an obligation to do so. If we can do it for many, so much the better!

    It is strange, but it's what we have come to expect from people today, say what is PC, but act another.I hear it from people everyday- in all walks of life. It isn't unique to TV or Hollywood. Society needs to get a grip! Talk the talk and walk the walk!

    Sermon ends here.
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    I don't bother watching the national news or any of the pseudo-news shows. Lies, mis-information and agenda driven "reporting".


    Does anyone find this strange?

    Hello all


    Do I find it strange? NO< Do I find it offensive that the "Big 3" have started running storeis in Favor of Gun Ownership, Rights and Conservative issues? YES! Remember, these are folks that Lie, cheat and steal if they have to in search of higher ratings!

    They suck, they Lie and they are not to be trusted! Pure and Simple, it's not a DEM or a REP issue, It's an issue of truth!

    RON L

    PS: Hope I didn't leave anyone lost about how I feel about them?
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    I don't find anything Hollywood does is strange. I agree with most of the sentiment here, those people live a fantasy life. They make money, and tons of it, from people who enjoy a little escape from reality ocassionally.
    They also have a set of double or triple standards when it comes to themselves. Rosie O, is a classic example that someone mentioned earlier. Pesonally I have started a Hollywood boycott, no movies, little tv, etc.
    It's like this, sorta, if no one watches them or pays attention to them, they will have to find something else or change so society will accept them again.
    Remember, most of them are spoiled, selfish, self-centered BRATS.
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    Not the first time Rosie O'Fatty has shown her intelligence. I remember when she and Penny Marshall did commercials for K-Mart. Then she went on one of her anti-gun rants. She and Howard Stern were having an on going fight, so Howard called Rosie's people on air and asked them if Rosie knew that K-Mart was one of the largest gun dealers in the country (at that time, they were).
    Her assistant said that K-Mart did not sell guns. Not long after that, K-Mart dropped Rosie O'Doughnut. :rolleyes:
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    They're MORONS...