Does anyone else have this AR problem

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bobbyb13, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. bobbyb13

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    Made you look! Seriously, I have yet to find a set of scope rings, riser set-up or anything that gives me the cheek weld, or sight picture I want on an AR. I know it's out there, I just haven't found it for my fat head yet. What set up do you use? I just got a Mueller 8.5X25 for my Bushmaster V-Match and I would really like to get a good set up on it. I am dang sure open for suggestions on this one.
  2. M14sRock

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    I guess I'd need to know what height you want. Do you like the height of the sights on a standard carry handle? Higher? Lower?

    LaRue has a couple of height options, but it depends on what you need. Maybe a 5/8" riser with a standard height mount if you need it higher?

  3. Lefty O

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    the riser blocks that came on my bushy varminter, and medium warne rings work perfectly for me. of ocurse i dont have a fat head, so this info may be of no use to you.:D