does anybody know what this gun is worth

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    i have a sears & roebuck model 21. 410 gauge 583.2087 pump shotgun made in the 60's and is in good shape not mint but still pretty good shape. shoots like a new one everything is tight no rattles mechanicaly its in a-1 shape it has spent most of its life in a gun cabinet please let me know if you know it's value thanks
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    Have you contacted the local Gun Shops where you live? They can provide an appraisal on what the firearm is worth and it something needs to be fixed.

    I had to do it for my Glock 19, since it was purchased in 1994, for insurance purpose only!

    Also, can you swing by introductions and introduce yourself, please!


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    There is minimal interest in collecting J.C. Higgins guns, regardless of rarity. A general guideline is that values generally are less than models of their "1st generation relatives"

    Its a High Standard Flite-King built for Sears from 1960-65

    Grading 100% = $300 to 60% = $135
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