Does anschutz really make the best .22 rifles

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  1. thecollecter

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    I've been looking around and hear all this great stuff about them but haven't ever shot one
  2. Overkill0084

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    IMHO, Yes.
    In competitive circles they are pretty much the go to brand. Back in the day (early 80s), my dad built a smallbore Silhouette rifle on a 54 barrelled action. With match ammo that thing was amazing, 1/2" at 100 meters was not a stretch.
    I REALLY want a 54 Sporter.
    There is a 64 action as well. Somewhat less expensive and not quite as much like a bank vault. Still quite good though.
    I suppose in some cases, Feinwerkbau might pop up on the radar. They used to be THE Airgun maker. Their .22s are lesser known, but excellent.
    The Kimber 82s are worth a look as well. Maybe not quite as bleeding edge, but excellent nonetheless. I have a 82 classic that is still excellent at over 30 years old.
    The old Winchester 52 is still pretty good if you come across one at a good price. Which is hard to do. People that own them know how good they are.
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  3. thecollecter

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    Omg that insane my deer rifle can't even do that good
  4. natman

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    "The Best" is pretty subjective and depends on how much you want to spend. However, Anschutz rifles are very well made and very accurate. Their reputation is well earned.