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    So it's a saturday morning and I walk into the small gun store here in town just looking . I had been wanting a cheap sxs to severly molest and low and behold , They had one for 150.00 . Hell 150 for any sxs is worth it to me , written on the side was knockabout .... never heard of it so i figured it was a perfect canidate for what I wanted to do . So I take it on to work with me and figured before I start hacking Id better look this puppy up first . After a few google searches and the prices I was seeing I knew I had scored . I had just bought a Francotte 12ga , after really looking at the gun and noticing how well it was made I quickly pulled it off the chopping block and it is prob the most valuble gun in my safe . I have a customer who runs some gun shops up north and when he came down he brought all of his books and gave it a solid 70% . Although I will never sell it I can proudly proclaim SCORE ! Will post some pics this evening
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    That's great. :cool:

    Please post pics and more info when you can.

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    Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics!