Do You Remember When?

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  1. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    this thread is about how things have changed. how products have changed. how they are made differently than when you were younger. i'll start it off.

    do you remember when................

    motor oil came in cans made from cardboard with metal ends and you used a can opener to open them?

    toothpaste came in a metal tube rather than plastic?

    TV's and radios had tubes?

    cameras used film?
  2. kryptar19

    kryptar19 New Member

    Do you remember when a brick of .22 ammo was only $11?

    Do you remember when Remington made quality products?

    Do you remember when you could buy an AK for $400 or an SKS for $150?

  3. phideaux

    phideaux Active Member

    Do you remember when....

    Cars didnt have seat belts or AC.

    Scoop of ice cream was 5 cents.

    Kitchen matches would strike on anything.

    Lard was used for cookin.

  4. kryptar19

    kryptar19 New Member

    Do you remember when LGS's would sell you a spam can of 7.62x54R and give you a Mosin for free???
  5. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Coca-Cola was fizzier and tasted better.

    Running through the bug sprayer

    Strike any where matches.
  6. squirrelhunter

    squirrelhunter New Member

    Do you remember when gas was only .50 a gallon???:eek:
  7. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    Gasoline price wars. When I got back from Vietnam in the fall of 1970, there were gas stations on all four corners of 10 Mile & Groesbeck, (Warren, Mich). 19, 18, 17 and 16 CENTS A GALLON! And they pumped it.
  8. Steel_Talon

    Steel_Talon New Member

    I remember Ethyl......
  9. DFlynt

    DFlynt New Member

    I remember using the spout that punctured the top of oil cans so you could dump the oil in your engine.. I remember 25 cent a gallon gas.
  10. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    Fixed it for you. Every one I ever used leaked/dribbled.

    Changing points and condensers as part of a normal tuneup.
    Vacuum Tube testers at the Thrifty Drug and other places. To check the tubes for your vacuum tube TV that wasn't working right.
    when Sears & Montgomery Ward sold friggen everything from Mini Bikes and Go Karts to guns & ammo.
    paging through Sears Christmas Catalog as a kid
    when believing in the US Constitution wasn't considered deviant behavior.
  11. steadyshot

    steadyshot New Member

    And it came in bottles that you returned to the store.
  12. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    I remember Sunoco 260 at 32.9.

    I remember getting my windshield cleaned and oil checked by one guy while another one filled my tank.

    I remember the TV repairman actually coming to my home.

    I remember building my first guitar amp from scratch. It was a Heathkit.
  13. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    I remember putting $5 worth of gas in your car and driving all week.
  14. KG7IL

    KG7IL Well-Known Member

    Do you remember when . . .
    • Finding a product was near impossible, then came the internet search . .
    • we used Ice Picks and Metal Coolers
    • Aluminum Foil and Coat Hangers were used to get a better TV picture.
    • You had to go over and click the channel selector on your TV.
    • American Pride was ubiquitous
  15. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    Do you remember crawling under your desk during the atomic bomb drills?

    How about daily prayer?

    Saluting the flag and singing the national anthem?

    Do you remember TV without lawyer commercials?
  16. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    I'll go ya one better. Remember the 55 gallon drum of oil between the gas pumps, and the glass quart bottles with the metal spouts to pour it in? I still have one of those bottles, use it every oil change.
  17. Daoust_Nat

    Daoust_Nat Well-Known Member Supporter

    Telephones were rotary dial, and they lasted for 30 years, but cost a quarter a month to Ma Bell.

    Home delivery of milk and bread.

    Ice hockey without helmets (may not have been too bright, but much more comfortable).

    Cars engines were actually easy to access and work on.

    Drinking water was accessed from anyone's hose or outside spigot, not a bottle.
  18. MisterMcCool

    MisterMcCool Well-Known Member Supporter

    Kids weren't allowed in the house unless it was raining.
    Children were expected to do chores.
    If you got in trouble at school, you got in trouble at home.
    Schools worried more about knives than peanuts.
    Filling stations offered regular or unleaded.
    We had four channels and one didn't come in.
    Letters were written and mailed.
    Pregnant girls were sent to a different school.
    Rural routes for addresses.
    Everybody had at least one parent with a job.
    Real cars had V8s and cheap POS cars were six cylinders.
    Any parent in the neighborhood would get onto a misbehaving child.
  19. GunsGodAndCountry

    GunsGodAndCountry New Member

    Lard will always be a staple in my kitchen. I defy you to make decent fried chicken or homemade biscuits without it.
  20. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Coke not only came in bottles, but they had city & state of different bottling plants. We used to match who had the longest distance bottle to see who paid. And Cokes were a dime.

    Penny candy was, well..... a penny.

    There WAS not unleaded. High test and regular.

    There were no CDs, no cassette tapes. There were records. 45 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, and some old brittle ones that were 78s.

    Telephones were black. And heavy enough to be a darned effective weapon. And they all had cords. Pay phones were a dime for a local call. For long distance calls, you dialed O, and told the operator where you needed to call. And it was EXPENSIVE.

    Maybe write a letter instead- 6 cent stamps, ya know. You probably used a fountain pen (mine used ink cartridges)-those ball point pens are always skipping and smearing.

    Firearms were blued steel, or rarely, nickel plated.

    If you took your girl to McDonalds, you walked up to the window and ordered. A hamburger was 15 cents. It was a bit classier to go to the local drive-in restaurant. You sat in your car, and the car hop brought your food out, on a tray that clipped over the window.

    A big date was a drive in movie. Two movies and a cartoon. The speaker hung on your window.

    Cars did not have seat belts, air bags or air conditioning. They might have a radio. AM radio. There was no FM. Headlight dimmer switch on the left side of the floorboard. Older cars and trucks had a starter PEDAL on the left side of the transmission hump. Parking brake was the "hand brake"- because you pulled it out from under the dash by hand.

    Coins were pennies, nickels, dimes, halves and silver dollars. Dimes and up were 90% silver- until they started making "sandwich" coins in 1964.

    2% mik? Whazzat? There was milk, and for some sickly types- skim milk. In the South, a lot of buttermilk. Diet coke? Nope. But the was a soda called TAB. No sugar. Used saccharine and cyclamates.

    Every boy is school had a pocket knife. NOBODY misbehaved with a pocket knife. Teacher would put in in her desk if you did.

    Tattoos? Yeah, everyone had an uncle that was a former sailor, and he had an anchor or hula girl tatt.

    Beer? Well, if it was not a dry county, sure. You could drink 3 deuce (3.2% alcohol) at 18, and regular beer at 21. Just show them your draft card at the store.

    Doing a school report? Well, need to go to the library. To find a book, would look it up in the card catalog. Each book had 3 cards- Title, Author, Subject. Book had a card inside in a pocket- when you checked out the book, they took card, wrote your name / card number on the card, and kept it. Keep it too long, and pay a 2 cent a day fine.