Do you OC or CC?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by sngreen1, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Open Carry?

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  2. Concelled Carry?

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  1. sngreen1

    sngreen1 New Member

    Just wondering what most of you guys or gals, usually do as far as open carry or concelled carry?
  2. rjd3282

    rjd3282 New Member

    Mostly cc but sometimes oc depending on where I am. We can do both in my state but I don't go to populated areas and oc. On the other hand I don't freak out if my shirt gets blown open by the wind I just quietly cover it up again. I've never been hassled by the police. In fact the one time I was carrying open and had contact with a sheriffs deputy it was a very positive experience.

  3. russ

    russ New Member

    Like RJD said, I do both. Just depends on the situation. The answer to the question you were probably asking as far as carrying in public, I carry concealed. Now camping, atv'ing, at the gun range, or things like that, I open carry.
  4. doctherock

    doctherock New Member

    Out in the woods I OC otherwise I CC.
  5. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Ditto for this fellow Oregon resident as well.

    No interest in any extra attention when out about town. Technically, OC is legal most places in Oregon...generally it's frowned upon, and hardly worth the headache.
  6. CajunBass

    CajunBass New Member

    I do both. A lot of times it simply comes down to rather I remember, or rather I'm too lazy to pull my sweat shirt down over the gun or not. In town, in the country, it doesn't matter. Nobody ever says anything, or at least nothing negeative. Once in a while I've gotten a question like "Can I do that?" "Do you need a permit to do that?" Or once "Did you know your pistol is cocked?" kind of thing but that's all (I explained how a 1911 worked and the guy said "OH. Learn something new every day" and went back to pumping his gas).

    I've never been asked to leave anywhere. I've never had anybody call the cops. I've never had a cop say anything to me about the gun. Most people either don't notice, or don't care.

    Maybe it's because I'm an old, fat, white guy and look pretty harmless, I don't know.
  7. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    I prefer "concealed" (sic) carry
  8. Polygon

    Polygon New Member

    I feel that OC in a populated area is just a bad idea on so many levels. I OC, like others, in isolated areas though. If I'm in a populated I CC as I don't like people knowing that I'm carrying a gun. It's better for me and it's better for them.
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  9. LeverGunner

    LeverGunner New Member

    I open carry about half of the time when in town. Mostly it depends on what im carrying.

    Lately i've been carrying a smith 642 outside the waistband so i do a little of both with that. Sometimes i carry a glock 22 and most always it's open. UNless i have to go to the mall where they have a no firearms sign. Then i conceal since in the commonwealth of kentucky you can do so on private property and havent broken any laws.

    I've never had a problem open carrying in town. I've never been asked to leave. I have been asked if i had a permit. IN which case i explained that i didnt need one to openly carry a firearm. I've been asked if i was a cop to which i replied "No", and then went about my business.

    I've open carried in the county clerks office but never any other government buildings. Although im told i can open carry in the capital building. Im sure they would not let me, but its legal for me to do so in the court house as well.

    I think open carrying is a good thing. it's not as wise of a tactical decision, but i dont carry a gun for tactical purposes. I carry for my own protection, for my own enjoyment and because it is my right.

    I've actually had someone come up and thank me for open carrying before. I was in krogers, surprised the heck out of me. Made me feel good inside.

  10. sngreen1

    sngreen1 New Member

    Yea i guess it would be better to not draw any un-needed attention to yourself. Good Point!
  11. justdon

    justdon New Member

    Cc don't want to draw any attention to my self..Just like to be prepared if needed..
  12. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    OC isn't legal here, so I have to CC.