Do You Have To Work Today.....

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by LONGHAIR, Nov 23, 2011.


    LONGHAIR New Member

    I see alot of people are off-work today,traveling and what-not...I'm off-work and just been bumming around-town...I think I'll go to the Gun-Sporting-Goods Store and look around,as you see I'm Bored-as-Hell,sitting here at home....Hell my mom already ran me out of her house trying to steel food-goodies...Can't go back there till Tomorrow......Are you OFF-WORK TODAY..????......
  2. tellmaster207

    tellmaster207 New Member

    I've got cabin fever to. Not only am I home all day we got a foot of snow. Don't want to drive anywhere on the first snow storm of the year, to many crazies.

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  3. hydrashok

    hydrashok New Member

    I'm workin'... 4p to midnight.

    But all of my cookin' is already well under way. My neighbor killed a spike and a hog. He's a little "up there" in age, so I help him dress 'em, and he gives me half the meat.

    He gave me one back strap off the hog, as well as both racks of ribs. I cubed up the backstrap, and it's going into a big pot of beans. The ribs have been simmerin' in a crock pot since yesterday. They're so tender, you could eat them with a fork! The meat literally falls right off the bone.

    The beans are cookin' now, and should be ready when I get off tonight.
  4. vincent

    vincent New Member

    Nope, business always slows down here around the holidays (construction). In a bit the guys are coming over for "Turkey Jam 2011", we'll rock out, in our own special way:D, drink some beer, tell some lies, yanno, the usual scenario when a bunch of 40 somethings get together and act like teenagers;)
  5. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Yes I'm working, so to speak. Wife had a last minute schedule change, so we won't be able to leave until later this evening. Which works out okay in that we weren't really ready to go last night anyway, but we are all pretty much screwed because that leaves the packing to me.
  6. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    I'm at home. On temp. disabilityfrom work. Waiting for a bypass op. Bored to tears.
  7. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I am at work, but not much is going on.

    Good luck with that, seriously!
  8. fireguy

    fireguy New Member

    Working my usual ten and a half hour day. I did take off for a doctor appointment this morning, so that breaks up the day a little. Stopped at Freddy's Frozen Custard for a drive thru lunch, that was better than a sandwich. I'm off tomorrow and Friday, but have to take a day of vacay for Friday.
  9. WDbeej

    WDbeej New Member

    Off work today, but have been in contact multiple times. Does not mean that I will not be working today. I am finishing my basement by myself so I'll spend a few hours working on that. Later I will be working on prep work for the turkey and trimmings. Then I will work on watching some mindless television shows. To end the day I should work on getting some rest:rolleyes:
  10. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I am at work today, but the campus I work on has tumble weeds blowing down the sidewalks. I think I am one of about 10 people where normally there are about 50,000. Kinda spooky.

    15 more minutes and I am gone. You guys talking about being bored, go shoot some paper. You are gun folks with time on your hands.......... I am going to terrorize some paper this weekend, dent some steel, and destroy some target frames. I hope to be *** deep in brass before Monday.
  11. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    My weekends are Tues and Wed.
  12. fireguy

    fireguy New Member

    Shredding paper is a wonderful suggestion! I hope to get some of that done over the weekend if the weather holds up. Have a great Thanksgiving.
  13. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I did work today. I am working tomorrow. I hope to feed about 400 to 500 people in my restaurant. The hotel is super slow. But the restaurant more than makes up for it.
  14. Firearms4ever

    Firearms4ever New Member

    If you call getting the house ready for company that's coming, while listening to music, work then yes ;).
  15. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    spent the day trying to resolve a product production timing issue. 4 separate companies, parts air freighting all over the world, coordinated timing on the parts... Boss came by at 1:30 and said go home, and I couldn't, I had a 2:30 teleconference that was still going on at 3:30 when I threw in the towel.
  16. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 New Member

    well i worked my normal 12 hour day today. the last 4 weeks its been 12 hours mon tues and wed. tomorrow and friday its 8 hr days. lets just say my wife was not pleased with me recently . hehe
  17. firedawg60

    firedawg60 New Member

    Had to work today. But I'm off til Tuesday now. My long weekend fell in conjunction with Thanksgiving.

    And by the way, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!:D
  18. buckhuntr

    buckhuntr Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Vacation today and Friday, to bookend the holiday. :)
  19. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I'm off tonight (Wednesday night into Thursday morning) but I have to be to work for my 10.5 hours Thursday at 2100. I will also be working New Years Eve into New Years Day this year. We take turns working the holidays. Next year I'll work the holidays I have off this year.
  20. michigan0626

    michigan0626 New Member

    I didnt read this until 6am on Thurday. At work!. I work in a prison, so its non-stop 24-7 365 days of shift work. I work from midnight to 8, so I at least get to go home and have Thanksgiving lunch-dinner and watch some football. Go Lions by the way. Out of 150 or so officers, only 10-15 are able to take vacation for a week at any givin time. And its usually those within the top 20 in senority. I think im number 99, so I have a ways to go to being able to get Thanksgiving or Christmas off without it actually being my weekend days off.

    Someones gotta stay and watch these thugs at all times of the day.

    p.s. Some people do call in sick for holidays at the prison. Doing this can mean someone being forced to stay and work another shift whether they want to or not. If your kid has to go to the hospital, thats one thing. But if you bang in (calling in sick) because you have the sniffles wink wink and I have to be force to work your shift, im slashing your tires when I have a chance. Be respectful of others that want to go and see their kids open gifts and see other family. They call in sick because they want to see their family for longer on holidays, but that meets somebody does not get to see their families at all. Sorry for ranting on this part, it pisses me off on how selfish people can be. That and because Ive been mandated on holidays a couple times in the past.