Do you guys ever Clean your gun foam padded Transport Cases

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    Do you guys ever Clean your gun Foam Padded Transport Cases??????????

    You know your case that your gun comes in with the padded foam inserts i never really thought about it. Until the other day i opened up a Glock Case for one of my glocks and saw there was a ton of debris dirt and such so i shook it out and soaked the padded foam inserts with Simple Green then took a vacuum to them to dry them. I mean if you go to the range shoot a **** load of ammo you got a dirty gun then you put it back in your padded transport case and powder residue and such gets all over the padded inserts and case. Then when you Clean your gun you put it back in dirty case with all that dirt right. I never thought about it until the other day. **** most people i know wrap their gun up in a Cloth/Bandana dirty or not then just put it back under their drivers seat.
    Just Wondering if i was the only guy that cleaned his padded transport Cases.
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  2. winds-of-change

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    I wrap my guns in one of those microsoft towels when I transport them. So if anything is getting dirty, it's just a towel I can throw in the washer. Also, I transport my guns in a range bag that has a nylon gun rug sort of thing in it. I don't transport in the hard case they came in,usually. My Mark II doesn't fit in it's original case anymore because it has different grips on it and a scope.

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    I don't use the cases they come in. I buy cheap $6 soft pistol cases at Academy. I'm sure they will eventually get pretty oily & nasty from use, but cheap enough to throw away & buy new. Have one bought for my 1st pistol 4 years ago & still good.
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    Holy cow, I thought they just stuck to software!!! :) I'm just kidding, I know what your talking about.

    For me it doesn't really matter, as my pistol is in a holster, and the rifle is slung, in the trunk of the car, or behind the seats in my truck when it's in transport (ever try to put a MN 91/30 crosswise in a '87 Ranger? Not impossible, but not easy either). Long and short, I don't use any case as I just don't have a need for it. Now the backpack on the other hand, carrying the ammo, it has to get washed occasionally. But due to the nature of the cargo it's only been washed twice; once when a dog pissed on it, and once when I dropped it on a pile of horse manure.
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    That crazy Bill Gates has really diversified! Now he makes towels!

    I have both soft rifle cases and some hard cases with the eggcrate foam inserts. I DO wash them occasionally. When I do, I give them several days to dry, because they'll stay moist for a LONG time. Rifles and prolonged moisture don't get along too well.
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    Range bag...why trip over all your accessories, ammo, holsters, mags, tools, ears, eyes when you don't have to? Those cases are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine