Do you CC in the Post Office parking lot?

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    There's more to this story, and you'll need to read through the court order in the link, but I pulled this from Legal Heat's Facebook page. Here's the summary:

    Bonidy v. USPS Order

    As many of you know, the US Post Office prohibits firearms in their buildings AND on any property primarily used for post office purposes. This means it is a federal crime to have a firearm in your vehicle in the parking lot of a post office. We have long said this is a ridiculous prohibition. Well, today a 10th Circuit Court ruled that prohibiting firearms in USPS parking lots violates the individual's Second Amendment right! Although it's not the best decision possible (the judge was somewhat squishy) it is certainly better than the alternative.

    “In sum, openly carrying a firearm outside the home is a liberty protected by the Second Amendment. The Avon Post Office Building is a sensitive place and the ban imposed by the USPS Regulation is a presumptively valid restriction of that liberty. The Plaintiff has failed to present evidence to rebut that presumption...The parking lot adjacent to the building is not a sensitive place and the Defendants have failed to show that an absolute ban on firearms is substantially related to their important public safety objective. The public interest in safety and Mr. Bonidy’s liberty can be accommodated by modifying the Regulation to permit Mr. Bonidy to ‘have ready access to essential postal services’ provided by the Avon Post Office while also exercising his right to self-defense.”
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    Bonidy lives in a rural community without mail delivery service. His only access to the mail is to drive to the post office in Avon. He has a license to carry. What alternative did he have but to park in the post office parking lot? Anywhere else, he might have been towed.

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    My nearest Post Office doesn't have a parking lot. There's on street parking (if you are lucky enough to find it), but I usually don't have the need to go to a Post Office. Or a FedEx or UPS, either (they all pick up at my work).
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    Yep, his was a special case for sure. I was just thinking about all of the drive-through drop boxes on USPS property that people regularly go through with a firearm, similar to driving through a gun-free school zone. Just one more catch-22 that proves no matter how much you try not to be a felon, at one point most people probably are for 30 seconds and just don't get caught.
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    My post office is in a shopping center and the parking lot is a common one, to hell with them.
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    When I go to my local Post Office I almost always combine the trip with one to the nearby grocery store. I go to the store armed. When I go to the Post Office I leave the handgun in the car out of sight. I know it is the Post Office parking lot, but I am not going to make an extra trip. So far the swat team has not apprehended me for this grievous violation of Federal Law.

    I must also confess that a couple of times, forgetting where I was, I entered, stood in line, and mailed a package with a snubbie .38 in my pocket. Though I was not apprehended in that law violation, I feel better now just by confessing my sin!

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    Part of the "justification" used by the USPS for banning firearms in the parking lot was that the regulation was "intended to prevent postal patrons from being robbed in the parking lot". Yeah, sure, a thug who intended to rob a P. O. customer would not do it because it'd be illegal to bring his illegal gun into the parking lot. How's that for logic?