Do IWB Holsters Ruin The Gun's Finish?

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    I have a HK P7M8 that I would like to carry probably using a Milt Sparks VM2 IWB holster. I was reading some reviews online and saw some pics where just after a few days of use, the G26 used in the test with the VM2 had considerable amount of wear on the gun towards the tip. Is this common with all form fitting holsters?


    Do IWB Holsters Ruin the guns finish?

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    Well, It's subjective, I have carried inside the waist band a lot, and yes, thier is some additional wear and tear to the finish of the weason, due to it's holding sweat and rubbing the finish, but If I kept the weapon clean and slightly oiled on the slide, it was realy no issue? I did switch to a Stainless steel revolver later, as it was a lot more to do with the sweat and heat damage, than the holster rubbing the finish off! HOT, sweaty area's are not good for gun finishes, no matter the holster type? Inside the waist band just holds it closer to the body and sweat and heat are more able to do thier damage! Nature of the beast, but can be minimized with proper gun care! End of each Day or shift, whipe the weapon down and dry all the sweat and corrossive stuff off it, apply a thin coat of oil and rub that in! Next Day, wipe off the excess and he holster the gun, never store it in a sweaty holster after a shift or day out! That's where 90% of the Damge most folks ask about, comes from!