Do I convert my custom II to 460 or buy a GI to convert?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by DarinCraft, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. DarinCraft

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    I didn't want to bogart Transman's thread but he did bring up a question. I've finished my other builds and have a decision to make.

    I originally bought my Custom II to convert to a 460, but I love the gun so much I am afraid to convert it and "ruin the gun." Maybe Cane and JD can ease that fear.

    So now I have a choice to make, I want another 1911. Do I buy a 4" for concealment and convert the Custom II -OR- do I buy an affordable 1911 like a GI to convert and leave the Kimber alone.
  2. dog2000tj

    dog2000tj New Member

    I think this one is simple. Keep the Custom II as is and get another 1911 for conversion purposes. ;)

    That will be $100,000,000 please, thank you. :D

  3. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Some people think that the MIM may not stand up the 460 Rowland. So to be on the safe side, that rules out the Kimber. (j/k :) )

    Never work on your main firearm. If it has to be down for a while, then you have no firearm.

    Buy a second and use that. I believe that putting the .460 rowland on your Kimber could void any warranty repair.
  4. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    I wouldn't fret over hurting the Kimber but I also think having a dedicated platform for the kit is a good thing. The Springer Mil-Spec (not the GI) makes a great host as it has decent sights and a flared & lowered ejection port. The kit works great in mine and doesn't appear to have caused any wear...
  5. spittinfire

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    I'm going to echo what's already been said and get another 1911 that you can dedicate to the platform. That's what I'm in the process of doing but my 4" Kimber won't take a 460 kit so I didn't have a choice.
  6. canebrake

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    Here goes cane swimming against the current!

    My SS XSE Government can and will Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from Rowland to ACP at my pleasure.

    You guys need to appreciate the brilliance of this conversion kit. It is truly a non-destructive alternative. The change can be accomplished during a range visit with little disruption to your shooting.

    How its done!

    I have shot this combination frequently and have not seen a degrading of performance to the Colt in wear nor accuracy. This is truly a kit that provides you with two guns for the price of a match grade barrel.

    I have tuned Fenrir (recoil spring) to where I can shoot both 460 and 45 with no other change than ammo. I can even mix the ammo in the mag and Fenrir runs without a glitch.

    Don’t use this conversion kit to justify the purchase of a second 1911. If you want another 1911 (and who doesn’t) get it! However, it can be an excuse to provide to your SO for the need of the second gun.

    If you decide that a second, dedicated 1911 is the route to go I would recommend buying a complete gun from CCG.

    Kimber Classic and 460 Rowland from Clark Custom Guns

    Kimber Custom II with Clark 460 Rowland Drop-In Comp Kit…..$ 1095
    Kimber Stainless II with Clark 460 Rowland Drop-In Comp Kit…..$ 1195

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  7. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    That is the main question for me right now. I want another 1911, but what I want is a 4" concealable. I also want to buy the 460. But my hang up was if the 460 would mod the gun beyond returning it back to a 45 or hurt it, I don't want to do it to the kimber. That was the reason for buying another 5" but if it won't then Hell, I'll buy the kit and a carry HD and go that way. Thanks guys