Do-All Targets

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    Have any of you used any of the Do-All self healing targets? I had been looking at them know and then on the web but I didn't know if they would be worth the cost. A friend of mine bought a couple and gave them to me last weekend and I have to say these things are pretty cool. They say they can take any round form a 22 to a 50 cal and be fine for x amount of shots (dependent on the particular pattern of the target). I had seen in a video that you shouldn't use hollow point stuff but I don't use it for target shooting anyway. I shot at least 150-200 rounds into the Hot Box model and it did really well. I plan on doing a larger caliber rifle and pistol test to them next timeout. So far though I have to say these things are great.


    The vid is showing some more info about thew targets as well as a little shooting at them.