Dixon's 31st annual Gunmakers Fair

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    I had a great time last saturday at Dixon's 31st annual gunmakers' fair in Kempton, PA. I saw some beautiful flintlock guns and accouterments, I had a nice chat with Peter Alexander,the author of "The Gunsmith of Grenville County"...probably the best book ever on building flintlock rifles. I saw several old friends like Bruce Roberts, who is an outstanding multi-discipline craftsman and David Crispin, who is a professional flintlock rifle builder. I have camped with each of them. We made plans for some future 18th century camps.

    I picked up a Lehigh County stock From Tiger Hunt, for my next project after the Bucks County rifle is finished. Got a great show price, and no shipping...too good to pass up.

    Here's a short video on the event.

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    Awesome stuff there. Would love to see it in person some day.