Dixie Gun Show a bummer?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by tCan, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. tCan

    tCan Active Member

    I went to the Dixie gun show at the NC state fair grounds. For one of the biggest guns shows around it was pretty sorry. Sure lots of XDm's, ruger SR9/40, glocks, and M&P's, 1911's... but not much else really. Hardly any revolvers. Hell, there was only 1 table with some Hi-Point's. Only 1 Remington 870 Wingmaster. Only 1 Browning BPS in the whole show. Only 1 Marlin 60 in the whole show. In fact there were only a hand full of .22 rifles there at all. Not many interesting lever actions either...

    I did see a 1969 M1918 BAR. That was cool. A 1949 Marlin 336 in great condition. A couple SKS's and things that were cool to look at. There was a beautiful M1A1 Garand for not too much money. And of course some Springfield tactical M1A1's.

    Wondering if anyone feels the same?
  2. trip286

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    I'm disappointed every time I don't find something I must have right away. But to someone else, that show may have been a gold mine.

  3. hardluk1

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    Only thang I go to a gun for any more is to pick up some ammo from georgia arms if there at the shows. No deals on guns are to be found and to many people running around.
  4. vincent

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    I went to the same one back in May...3 hours I wished I had back...whole lotta crap, shoulder to shoulder people, very unimpressed. I got a t-shirt and left...
  5. aandabooks

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    I go to one pretty regular that is in my area. It runs 4 times per year.

    I haven't really been able to pick up anything that I consider a real bargain in quite some time. Everybody knows what their stuff is worth. I'm usually stolling around looking for a private sale.

    I always make sure I stop in at my LGS a day or two later to see if he made any interesting trades that are now up for sale.
  6. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    thyats pretty much the gunshows here in wisconsin. saw a svt-40 in so-so condition the last time i went. there is the occasional parts kit built psl with mismatched wood and parts. lots of garands in various states of decay. LOTS of AR15s. there were more pythons this last time than ive seen in a while most of them asking 1200+ for ratty condition guns.
  7. MrWray

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    Its been a while since ive been impressed with a gun show.