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    What are some ways to get disqualified out of a shooting competition besides doing idiotic dangerous things?
  2. c3shooter

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    Idiotic dangerous things would be high on the immediate removal list. failing to follow range officer's instructions would be one. But it could also be fairly benign- like shooting someone else's target. :eek: Whoops!

  3. Flint Rock

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    Your ammo could get you DQ'ed if it didn't make the power floor, and your gun could get you sent home if it had modifications that were not allowed (see your rule book for a detailed list of what is allowed and what isn't).
    That idea about drinking a cold beer :D - that will get you sent home too:mad: .
    I have seen someone asked to leave a match for being a rude, loud mouthed, jerk:eek: .
    All that stuff is rare though.
  4. robocop10mm

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    Most DQ's I have seen in IPSC are for safety violations. None were intentional. All were inadvertinant. Subtle slips involving "Breaking the 180" (letting the muzzle point behind the imaginary 180 degree line) is the most common but still rare. One range does not allow multiple hits on falling steel out of fear of bullets leaving the range (ricocheting off the steel while it is falling). In larger, sanctioned matches have mandatory chrographing of ammo to insure the minimum power level. Some have been DQ'd for having ammo that was loaded "too light".

    I have DQ'd LE shooters on the line for qualifications for handling firearms when not told to do so, shooting the ground between the shooter and the target and general cranio-rectosis.
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    YEars ago my brother shot someone else's target by mistake at the Camp Perry Service Rifle Comp. He gave that guy a 10-ring hit, and that guy had the option of using it on HIS score!
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    it's not if you'll crossfire in highpower it's when ...
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    I have seen shooters DQ'ed for shooting over the berm at a few matches. I have also seen a shooter kicked out for failing to secure a firearm before leaving the arm, a 3 gun match and never safetied his rifle before going to handgun. Breaking 180 got me a warning, I was loading a shotgun and had it upright loading shells, The gun was skyward but pointing back a few degrees. My brother in law got kicked out of some type of sporting clays match because he talked at the firing station.
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    I quit shooting our local IDPA matches because a long time member had disconnected his trigger safety on his Glock and they refused to DQ him.

    You get tired of the gamers.
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    Don't stop shooting IDPA for that reason, just go somewhere else.

    If that shooter shows up, notify the RO and he will DQ him.

    Notify IDPA HQ also, because if the club is holding a sanctioned match, feces could fly.

    I hate gamers too.
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    I have never in any Regional or Sectional Match seen anyone DQed for not making Power Factor they only then are scored as Minor power factor as a matter of fact you can choose to shoot Minor even if in that Category lets say Single Stack like the Single Stack Classic in PASA every year all the Big names are there like Rob Leatham who has won for maybe 8 years now, if you want you can shoot a 9mm Minor that is 125,000 PF that is weight of bullets times FPS according to their Chrno, but difference is scoring you will not get the same points for your hits, 125,000 that is the lowest allowed as some others have said if you don't make at least that 125,000 your score will not count but you can shoot it is not a DQ offence Major PF is 165,000 I have seen where a person was shooting a 45acp and did not make PF by just 3 or 4 FPS he was scored Minor but at most local clubs they don't Chrono and it is more just practice and the love for shooting. So if you have a Production Gun in a 9mm and you are useing a 125 gr. bullet it must go 1000 FPS to make Minor PF if You are wanting to shoot Major in Limited with a 180 gr bullet it must travel 916.66 or 917 FPS, If you are shooting a 9mm and want to shoot Major that same 125 gr. bullet must now travel at 1320 FPS.

    The only Class that gets full points for Minor PF is Production class the gun must be a safe action type gun or Double Action Glock or XD and other similar guns.

    All other Classes, Single Stack, Limited 10, Limited, and Open all must reach 165,000 to get full points

    If you have never Shot USPSA it is a must if you love to shoot.
    WARNING you will be hooked once you shoot it

    All you need is any Revolver or semi auto no smaller then .355 and no larger then .4515, 5 mags, for revolver some moon clips, 200 rounds or more and a holster that covers trigger gaurd only in Production and Single Stack in all other Lim 10, Lim, Open, you can use a open type Hoster one that only holds the gun to your hip by just the trigger gaurd.
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    Man, I wish that would happen at IDPA, Cowboy and other pistol matches around here!

    I don't shoot these anymore due to one individual who knows everything and if he shoots a stage wrong then that is the way that it is supposed to be, not the way that he explained it.
    This guy is such an *** that some of the SASS shoots around here actually have posse's that exclude him.

    People like him take the fun out of being at a shoot. To make it worse he is a gamer.
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    In USPSA we have a Area Director, find who is top man or women for your area and report how he acts or call IDPA main office, call Bill Wilson he invented IDPA I would think he is in charge.
  13. crockett007

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    There are parrallels here with other organized shooting sports. Registered trap, sporting clays etc. There are people who cannot have fun, they are ultra competitive and sometimes that "attitude" spews out.

    The fine folks who volunteer thier time to officiate and administrate these events are torn between being tolerant enough as to not alienate shooters, and strict enough to insure a smooth, safe, fun event.

    It's a fine line IMHO. The main issue revolving around DQ's in pistol matches seems to fall into the "gray" area. The safety violations are cut and dried. There should be no argument from a shooter who commits a violation an is respectfully asked to withdraw from the event.

    Obnoxious behavior is a judgement call, and for the above reason, it is very difficult to manage a DQ for that reason.

    I always try to remember when encountering issues like this, "I am here to relax and have some fun". Getting pissed off on a Saturday because of anothers issue would definitely not be a good thing for me.

    Just try to work around it. It seems like every time we try to organize, we have discontent. Human nature I suppose?


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    Trap shoots stipulate that you don't talk on the "apron" unless absolutely necessary and appropriate. It's like yammering while someone is trying to putt.