Disney's gun stance draws fire

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by tracker, Jul 11, 2008.

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    TALLAHASSEE -- Chip and Dale's boss wants to pack heat.

    It's not that Susan Fiore's worried about her fur-suited Disney World workers -- it's those outside the Orlando-area theme park who worry her.

    Although a new and controversial National Rifle Association-backed law sought to give Floridians like her the peace of mind to carry a piece almost anywhere in their cars, Disney World has found what it says is an out tucked in the law.

    The exemption is for employers with a federal explosives permit, which Disney has for its massive, daily fireworks shows.

    Full Article---Miami Herald
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    That sucks for them. I work for a rock quarry operating heavy equipment and my bosses have recently told us that firearms are strictly prohibited on company property. Since we park our personal cars and trucks on company property they say that we can't even have them in our vehicles. While I somewhat agree with this policy (because of the workplace shooting in Henderson, KY two weeks ago), Iv'e decided that this is a company policy that I choose not to follow. It is because of the shooting in Henderson that I say this. Although it would be difficult for someone to come onto company property and shoot me because of the fact that I spend most of my day behind the wheel of a 60 ton dumptruck, what about our radio dispacher and the women who work in the office.

    I would like to add that I'm not a gun weilding cowboy looking for any reason to use my gun but I would consider myself a good sumaritan. If anyone around me needed help in this situation, I would feel compelled to provide assistance.