Disarming An Attacker

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by dnthmn2004, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I was cruising around YouTube and I found this video [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS6c33T7Ym0]YouTube - Gun Disarms Grip-Rip-Strip[/ame].

    It demonstrates some pretty good techniques to disarm an attacker who is pointing a gun at you. He mentions that by gripping the gun tight enough, you can prevent it from cycling the next round. Can this even be done? Does anyone have any first hand experience with this technique? I'd love to try it, but if its bullsh1t, I don't want to rip my hand up.

    On a side note, I suggest watching some videos on Krav Maga. Crazy stuff.
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  2. Dillinger

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    The guy's tactics ARE sound.

    HOWEVER, you have to factor in that the person holding the weapon is using a single hand grip, and is standing RIGHT NEXT to a black belt martial artist. :rolleyes:

    Now, try that same "technique" against fellow Forum Member Rob Pincus, founder of I.C.E. Training. :eek:

    You are going to end up with PROBABLY a kick to the knee, a kick to the groin AND atleast a couple of rounds in your body. Rob Pincus is a bad man. ;)

    Krav Maga is taught by the Israeli's to all their troops. It is one bad *** hand to hand martial art. That is NO JOKE....


  3. Rentacop

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    Yes, you can jam the auto by gripping the slide when it is fired . If you push the slide out of battery, it won't even fire the first time . If it has an exposed SA hammer, you might be able to clamp the hammer in place .
    If you get your hand's web in front of a revolver's hammer, it will cushion the hammer blow ( a cop saved his own life by doing this as a gun to his head was snapped 3 or 4 times . I recall the primers were dented ! ) . If you grip the cylinder very tightly, a revolver won't fire .
  4. dunerunner

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    Sound technique, however caution to those who would attempt this without training. Speed and strength are involved here although it doesn't seem so by watching the vid. These manipulations take time to master and practice to perfect and I'm talking years.
  5. Bighead

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    Can't stream video at work, but the technique I'm familiar with will have you getting yourself off line of fire as grab the offenders firearm firmly and aggressively rotate it against the thumb. The goal is to defeat the weak thumb, hopefully break the index finger, and strip the gun away. The idea is that action beats reaction, so the offender is surprised may not react, or may only fire one round after the grab (the reason you get off line).

    The firm grip will keep a semi-auto from cycling so if you don't get the gun stripped away at least you're fighting over a jammed pistol. Most people who are not anticipating the take-away will lose their gun before they can react.

    JD is correct in that this technique would be more difficult against a trained assailant anticipating the takeaway, luckily that doesn't describe most bangers that are likely to surprise you in a parking lot. I think if I encountered Rob Pincus with his firearm already presented I would do what he told me to.:D

    As far as holding the slide to prevent the weapon from cycling, yes this works. If you decide to verify this, be VERY aware of the muzzle & muzzle blast. You can do this by taking a firm grip on the slide at the rear serrations with your off hand. Remember, the energy that you are containing is the recoil impulse, you are just keeping it from cycling the slide.

    And you can stop a revolver from firing by grabbing hard onto the cylinder, as long as the gun is firing double action. Double action fire on a revolver rotates the cylinder, bring the round into battery for lack of better terminolgy, and then drops the hammer. If the hammer is cocked, the live round is already under hammer. Best hope with a cocked revolver is getting the meat of your hand in front of the hammer, or taking the gun away with a disarming technique...

    ...or doing what the nice man tells you to do.

    PS: Speaking of Rob Pincus, I notice his sidearm on The Best Defense (Outdoor Channel TV Show) is often what appears to be a Walther P99. I wonder if this is sidearm of choice, and if so what features does he like about the pistol.
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  6. cpttango30

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    best way to disarm someone in my eyes is shoot their azz first then kick the gun away from the body.

    Now look up Natgeo channel and watch Fight Science show. This show shows you what happens when you do this stuff and the mechanics behind it. If you haven't seen this show WATCH IT NOW. If you want to see some BADAZZ MEN watch the Spec ops one. It is amazing what these guys can do and make their bodies do.
  7. canebrake

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    + 1 dunerunner, watching this on utube then using it in self defense will get you dead!
  8. AsmelEduardo

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    +1 on cpttango
    In here we say "quieto es quieto" ....like "freeze is freeze"
    *the BG in here says "quieto" (freeze) when they catch you...
    Most of us are prey of robbers and thieves, not murderers.... if someone make such thing like put a gun in your face is because he have a reason... he want something; If he want to kill you he won't hesitate in talk to you, just pull the trigger and start running...
    So if a BG put a handgun in your face the most probable thing that going to happen is that he ask for your wallet, money or watch...give it to him! It’s very improbable that you can do right a maneuver like that; probably the BG is more scarred that you! if he is this scared he could slip the finger and shoot you because he notice your intentions or he scared for any "suspicious" movement... You wallet, watch or money don't worth the risk; jeopardize your life like that for money is not the most intelligent thing that you can do.
    The best fight is the one that is avoided. Prevent an incident of that kind, avoid that he put the gun in your face or on the back of your head... once you are in that compromise don't try anything stupid!
    All that happens because your awareness level... If you are in a "white state" (or white alarm level)... that is going to happen to you, be "orange state" all the time, if you see any suspicious thing happening around you, become "red state"... put your hand in the grip, start watch all around you (most of the predators don't work alone, like wolves)... If you realized the situation, but it was late to act ... then you got screwed up, don't try nothing stupid... money can't replace you in your family, as a father of you sons, as husband of your wife, as son of your elders parents...
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    I actually asked him that in one of the threads he was responding too and he did reply. I will see if I can dig that information up for you BH.

  10. Scrapper

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    I have A LOT of years in the martial arts, and I think gun disarms are a losing proposition. Too much can go wrong TOO quickly. Obviously when SHTF you do what you must, but if you are at the point where you are grabbing for the other guy's gun, something has already gone horribly wrong.

    That being said, if you want to learn this, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. You need to practice against a resisting opponent, with a realistic training weapon. (Airsoft works...wear goggles).

    Practice all day, and see how many times you get shot. It should give you an idea of how tricky this stuff is.
  11. robocop10mm

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    I have taught similar techniques over the years. My primary consideration is always to be sure this is a do or die situation. If you can, continue talking while you work out the details of your plan. Slowly close your distance while trying to appear as a defenseless weasel. When you choose to act, do so with gusto. Speed and surprise are key to making this succeed. Once you start, go full on till the threat is neutralized. When I demo it to a new class, they are pretty amazed how quickly a 6'06" 280 # 40+ year old man to make them feel stupid, weak and dead.
  12. dango

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    In my youth,I spent many years in the martial arts,from the age of 17-35 !
    I am now 56. Though I remember much of what I learned,I am not the man I once was.Unless I was sure the perp was going to kill me,I would not resist in anyway.Even then,It would be very stressful going from well schooled to just memory.
  13. Gojubrian

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    Real life isn't a demo. Too many variables to rely on even IF you are ever in that exact situation.

    IMO it's not worth the time needed to be proffcient with.
  14. Ubergopher

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    Personally if someone is pointing a gun at me, I plan on having one pointed at him back, preferably bigger and with more ammo. My disarming would consist of making him **** himself and give up... Then again, no plan survives first contact...
  15. Angrypoonani

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    This is very very very... extremely dangerous to do... For most situations it is also not an option - look at how the situation is set up and then try to think of all the possible ways/direction/conditions under which you could be held at gunpoint. Dangerous to even let on that you are going to put up a fight.

    If I were the guy being held up I would do what my assailant told me to do then when he turns to leave - if possible - I would pursue him with my own gun and shoot him if he didnt give me my shtuff back... of course thats not what I would tell the courts...
  16. Seanml89

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    You guys arent going to like me saying this but:

    In my experience with 3 armed home invasion robberys that you can read about (and bump) in the introduction forum I really highly and seriously doubt that anybody can disarm an attacker.

    When someone comes into your house they have their guns cocked and pointed right at you, i dont know about you guys, but with a gun pointed at me and a high crook on the other end my *** isnt going anywhere. They will stay 3 feet back from you and they arent gunna stand still like in youtube videos. The guys that robbed me were moving, pointing the gun at my stomach then my legs then head they didnt keep it stationary pointed at somewhere. They arent going to stand like stick figures right in front of you and say please and thank you. They are gunna be wild and out of controll and out of your house in 3 minutes

    Seriously, if you go for their gun they are going to shoot your ***.

    The main reason anybody is going to break into your house is to get money for drugs, and people stung out on drugs are not people. They dont think they seriously can not control their actions and they will pull the trigger without even thinking to first. And if they dont need money to GET high, they need money to get their NEXT high so they will have been steaking you out for hours sitting in their cars doing drugs and waiting.

    Again i swear it, you can plan all you want but you never know how you will react when your in that position, its a fact.

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    It's easy to disarm a bad guy.

    Put three or more rounds into center mass. Feel free to use any caliber you wish for this step.

    After the bad guy slumps to the ground, walk over and kick the firearm/knife/club/whatever from the bad guy's hand, and POOF, instant disarm...

  18. Ubergopher

    Ubergopher Active Member

    I'd expect better from a CATM guy. Two to the chest, one to the head. :D

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    My waste ammo?

    Just put one to the head.

    Ammo is getting expensive these days, anyway......

  20. JiroZero713

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    I think it's stupid myself. Good technique though but a robber pulling a gun in that close is very unlikely unless they are stupid.

    If someone tried that on me I'd probably grab the gun like he did and knife him in the neck or face. Knife is man's best friend.